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XBO.COM: A key player in the world of digital assets!


XBO cryptocurrency exchange is around the corner and is preparing for a grand launch. It will provide access to an array of digital assets and cryptocurrencies accessible for trading. Digital assets can be valuable  with the potential to support a country’s economy, to deliver door-to-door products, and fund various social and economic causes. However, the potential remains hidden and unutilized to a great extent.

Apart from the multiple reasons and differentiating factors, this is one of the rationales why XBO will be a game-changer: It offers an intuitive platform to trade cryptocurrencies, bridging the barrier of complexity.

Why Choose

There are 20 million active cryptocurrency traders in India, holding crypto assets worth $5.3 billion. Yet many middle-aged and even millennial populations consider cryptocurrency as an exclusive service for the ultra-wealthy.

XBO cryptocurrency exchange will bring forth an array of opportunities for millennials and the middle-class population via:

  • Inclusivity:  XBO is coming soon to break the notion that cryptocurrency is available only to wealthy people. In future, there will be no one present to put a lid on the common man’s aspirations.
  • Communication: Whether it’s a launch of a billion-dollar project or an upgrade to an existing product, communication is the key. XBO claims to listen to their users.
  • Progress: XBO is an exchange for all. They believe in complete transparency of inner operations and communicating regularly regarding the transactions commission and terms of service.

Their Mission:

XBO has a mission to bring digital assets in day-to-day transactions and empower people through cryptocurrency. Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, they are aiming  to bridging the barrier to entry by dispensing user-friendly technology, coupled with  exceptional customer service.

They say  ‘everyone has the right to take part in the crypto revolution.’ Theyaim to enable users  through  web and mobile platforms that provide a secure and easy-to-trade infrastructure and unique user-interface, so that you can buy, sell and trade existing crypto assets.

Why choose XBO early access program?

XBO is offering a pre-launch benefit to its first 10,000 users. Whoever opts for the early access program will directly get access to the Gold tier with many appealing features:

  • A 0.1% exchange cashback
  • Two free cryptocurrencies and two fiat currency withdrawals each month. Unlike other exchanges that charge $3 to $10 for the services.
  • Spot trading fee varies according to the monthly volume. The favourable spot trading fees will be 0.38% for takers and 0.29% for the maker.
  • An XBO Gold card
  • A random allocation of crypto rewards in various currencies (basically free money)
  • An opportunity to win a lifetime membership to the rare Black Diamond tier

Every action on the XBO cryptocurrency exchange (like transacting, buying and selling, and making withdrawals) is rewarded with experience points (XP). If you are a member of the XBO early access program, you will enter a draw with 10,000 verified members, and a few lucky ones will be rewarded with a lifetime membership to the Black Diamond tier. Otherwise, 2,100,000 XP are needed to reach the Black Diamond tier.

How does the XBO loyalty Program work?

The loyalty program has five tiers. Each tier offers extra perks and benefits for the users, like cashbacks, free cryptos and fiat currencies and an increase in randomised crypto rewards.

Let’s list down the five tiers and their features:


Silver is the basic tier of and requires 100 XP (Experience Points). Here are the benefits offered: 

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Spot trading fees (Taker/Maker) 0.40%/0.30%.


Gold is the second tier and requires  10,000 XPs. The benefits can be used to open more favourable market positions and include:

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Exchange cashback 0.1%.
  • Free crypto withdrawals per month 2.
  • Free fiat withdrawals per month 2.
  • Spot trading fees (Taker/Maker) 0.38%/0.29%.
  • XBO gold card.
  • Crypto rewards with a random amount of cryptos.


Platinum is the third loyalty tier and requires  65,000 XPs.  It offers the following benefits:

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Exchange cashback 0.25%.
  • Free crypto withdrawals per month 3.
  • Free fiat withdrawals per month 3.
  • Spot trading fees (Taker/Maker) 0.36%/0.27%.
  • XBO platinum card.
  • Crypto rewards with a random amount of X 2.5 with cryptos.


Diamond is an advanced program with several benefits to support traders. It requires   65,000 XPs.  It offers the following benefits:

  • Free crypto deposit.
  • Exchange cashback 0.5%.
  • Free crypto withdrawals per month 4.
  • Free fiat withdrawals per month 4.
  • Spot trading fees (Taker/Maker) 0.32%/0.24%.
  • XBO Diamond card (free metal).
  • Crypto rewards with a random amount of X 10 of cryptos.

Black Diamond

The user experience of a black diamond tier will be above all levels. It is an exclusive tier. Hurry up and register to get a chance to win the rare life-long Black Diamond loyalty status.

Bottom Line:

The Crypto exchange will soon be ready to provide a benchmark experience to its users with cutting-edge technologies. Whether a beginner or an experienced trader, it can give you best-in-class experience with the stated mission and security measures. The users can avail various benefits with early registration. The simple user interface design on the web and mobile platforms will improve users’ trading experience.

To access the website and earn an early access reward, visit

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