Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Road Sofa Announces Affiliate List

Road Sofa, the up and coming streaming network of Gen Z, has announced a curated selection of high-level affiliates widely used within the Zoomer community.

In addition to streaming content, Road Sofa subscribers will be able to access high end brands through the Road Sofa network. This growing list of affiliates includes NordVPN, Skillshare, Pure Hemp Botanical, DaVinci, and Sneak Energy. In addition the streaming network has promised to continue to add to this growing list over time.

The affiliations will be mutually beneficial for everyone. Subscribers will be able to get great deals on their favorite brands while Road Sofa can keep the subscription costs at the low price of $3 per month. On top of that each brand should get extra exposure to customers that are in their primary demographic.

The team of Zoomers at Road Sofa founded the company on the belief that content is best curated by the demographic who will watch it. This philosophy seems to extend to the brands they affiliate with. Omar Parker the Chief Revenue & Content Officer stated that he would only ever associate with a brand that he would actually use. He also stated that it was the easiest job he’s ever had with his newfound responsibilities. Parker said, “I’m shopping for me. Anything I would watch or buy, I think of that and come up with a gameplan on how we can provide that at a lower cost than any of our streaming competitors.”

Road Sofa was founded just a few months ago in May of 2022. It is being designed to provide both short and long form content about topics that Gen Z cares about, both in fiction and non-fiction. The company is also currently in the process of producing their own content, including an adventure documentary, Idiots in Search Of, and a comedy documentary, Gummy Bear TV.

Road Sofa will launch in beta later this year in North America, Australia, and Europe. If you are looking for more details you can sign up for email updates at

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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