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3 Signs you Have Pests (and What to Do About It)

Think you have pests on your property? Here are three sure signs that indicate uninvited critters – and what you can do about it.

There are critters in every corner of the world that roam the land seeking a warm home just like yours. Especially when the weather turns cooler, you may find those bugs, mammals, and rodents desperate for a place to live. If your home has any openings, they may well come to you. You can do things to prevent pest problems, and prevention is better than cure. However, if they are already in your home, you need to know what you can do to eliminate them.

Let’s talk pests. How do you know you have them, and what can you do about it once they are inside?

The 3 Signs You Have Intruders

If you suspect you have an infestation, nest, or otherwise pests inside your home, some signs will give them away. Keep an eye out for the following things.

1 – Droppings

All creatures leave droppings, even tiny ones. It is the nature of pests to carry those feces all over your house, which is part of the reason pest infestations are so dangerous. Flies will land on food after landing on fecal matter, and rats and mice will dedicate an area of your house to use as a toilet before transmitting those germs through the rooms. If you have droppings, call in an exterminator. Call them quicker if you live in a hot climate and have droppings in your house. According to pest control Sydney, pests breed faster in warmer climes.

2 – Sounds and Scents

If you are trying to sleep at night and you hear a buzzing, scrabbling, or clicking tiny claws, then you have a pest problem. If you have raccoons, squirrels, or other rodents in your attic or cellar, you will hear them at night while you try to sleep. It is infuriating (like having a hamster wheel), but it’s also dangerous to let them roam free up there. What if they chew through a necessary wire?

3 – Property Damage

If you have vermin, they will chew holes in your walls and cupboards if you have slime. Termites leave dust and spots in the wood, while raccoons and more giant mammals happily chew through the plaster. Look for evidence of chewing in the food packages in your kitchen. Look for holes in the walls and cupboards, evidence that something has been trying to build a nest, and missing parts of drywall or wood.

What to do about Pests?

The best thing you can do is to hire an exterminator. Many are humane and won’t let the animals suffer. Some even catch and release elsewhere. Each pest has its treatment method. You might use a bug spray or powder for termites and an electrical system for mice. Whatever you do, don’t let the problem fester. The longer you leave it, the more damage they will do.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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