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Six Reasons to go for That Wet Room

Debating a new look for your bathroom? Shower tray just not working for you anymore? Do you take in the cleaning products with impending doom?

If your bathroom is large enough to include a bath, it is easy to upgrade the aesthetic by adding a touch of elegance with a sleek shower screen over the bath. If not, have you considered a wet room? They’ve become increasingly on-trend in recent years. Offering a great alternative to shower tray enclosures, they’re also incredibly practical and stylish. And without the need for a tray they are fab for maximising small spaces.

Check out the one pictured from Victorian Plumbing – yours could look this good!

Advantages of a wet room

The look: Let’s start with what appeals – the aesthetics. A wet room looks so attractive and sophisticated, and gives an air of expense. With wall-to-wall tiling and minimalist fixtures, the open design oozes simplicity and elegance.

The ultimate space saver: If you have a small bathroom, you won’t want to deal with shower trays – and if it’s smaller than that, a shower over a bath. Wet rooms are a great space-saving solution helping to create a usable space without bulky fixtures and fittings.

Great user access: If someone in your home uses a wheelchair, they will enjoy the easy access without a shower tray getting in the way. With non-slip flooring, wet rooms are also a great choice for young children or older people,

Ease of cleaning: With just a simple shower screen to clean and no grimy red mould build-up on the tray to deal with, a small tiled area is the perfect place to clean.  If you also opt for a wall-hung toilet and floating basin you would have a bathroom floor completely free from obstacles and clutter.

Durable: Wet rooms are extremely resistant to moisture damage and leaks. This results in less maintenance and will also keep your bathroom looking newer for longer. In the long run, this has the potential to save you time and money.

Simple to install: A wet room can be slightly more complex installation process than a traditional, but with a little forward planning room is not as complicated as many people might presume. For the optimum look, it’s always a good idea to visit a bathroom showroom to see how yours might look. We always recommend asking an experienced professional installer to ensure peace of mind and a fantastic end result, rather than attempting it yourself – however basic it may appear!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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