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5 mistakes to avoid when selling your home

A PROPERTY expert has revealed the five most common mistakes people make when they sell their house.

Putting your place on the market can be a tedious time, with a range of hurdles to overcome before the money finally hits your bank account.

But too often property owners are making the same errors that can hinder their chances of finding a buyer, according to Terry Fisher of We Buy Any Home, which guarantees to buy your house with funds received in less than a week.

He said: “Selling your home can be a difficult experience to go through, from the practical difficulties of finding a buyer at the right price to the emotional toll of leaving somewhere you hold dear in your heart.

“Too often we see people making the same mistakes when they decide to list their property on the market and they can prolong the selling process or even reduce the sale price.

“Selling a home can be straightforward if you know what you are doing and you have the right advice and processes in place.”

Finding a buyer currently takes an average of two to three months in the UK, but some properties can sell in hours or days.

Once an offer is accepted, it can be another 12 weeks until the sale is completed. Various factors can affect these timeframes, however, such as the strength of the market, the efficiency of estate agents and professional services, and the buyer and seller both completing paperwork on schedule.

Five most common mistakes home sellers make that can be easily avoided

Too sentimental

Mr Fisher said: “Selling your home can bring all sorts of emotions to the surface, from the joy of embarking on a new beginning to the sadness of leaving somewhere that holds so many happy memories.

“However, you must remember that this is a financial transaction above all else and being sentimental can harm your chances of a speedy sale at the right price.

“A buyer won’t see your home through the same rose-tinted lens as you so don’t take offence if they don’t love your design or layout choices as much as you.”

Wrong professionals

“Few people have the knowledge and skills to go through the home-selling process without help from mortgage advisors and estate agents.

“However, choosing inefficient, overworked or unqualified people to help can bring unnecessary stress that you really don’t need.

“Make sure you do your research, check out their reviews online or go with professionals recommended to you by friends and family.”

Weird taste

“We all have likes and dislikes that make us who we are, but we realise that not everyone is going to share our tastes.

“While our homes should be a reflection of our personalities, when it comes to selling it’s always best to tone down the decor to make it tasteful but not overbearing.

“The key is to make it a place a potential buyer can see themselves at home, with plenty of scope for them to put their own marks on.”

Too tight

“Times are tough for a lot of people with the cost of living continuing to soar, but it’s important to consider every penny when you are selling your home.

“Scrimping on important factors such as listing photographs, staging touches or vital repairs can do your home a disservice and put a potential buyer off.

“On the flip side, pumping money into supposed improvements such as a new kitchen or garden can be a waste of money if the buyer decides to rip it out and start with a blank canvas.”

Failure to have cash ready

“Selling a home can be a relatively drawn-out process, so it’s vital to be totally prepared to overcome any obstacles that might come up.

“For example, delays of even a few days obtaining paperwork such as an Energy Performance Certificate can have a domino effect and cause delays further down the line.

“Speak to your estate agent about exactly what you will be required to do and when, then make sure you are ready to go so you can sell your home as smoothly as possible.”

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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