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How much do your appliances cost to run?

If you’re looking to October with impending doom, you might be interested to find out if there are any ways you can save vital cash on those energy bills.

With the average energy bill set to reach more than £3,500 for the average home each year, check out how much common household devices are costing you to run.

Regulator Ofgem will raise its price cap in October – and again in January. This price cap effectively limits how much most UK homes will pay for energy, if they are on variable rate tariffs and paying by direct debit.

This means families on very low incomes could see bills energy bigger than their monthly pay.

Check out how your devices will add pounds to your bill once energy prices rise in October.


Consider a shorter shower, as the average five-minute shower will cost about 45 pence. Add in a luxury heated towel rail to the mix and that’s another 13p per 30 minutes.


The average dishwasher doing a full wash will use 77 pence of energy, whilst popping the kettle on for a brew will cost 6 pence each time.

Cooking tea in the oven is going to cost quite a chunk – so stick that slow cooker away this winter!

A washing machine will cost a jaw-dropping £1.56 per hour cycle at 40 degrees, with a dryer setting you back £1.17 for 45 minutes.

Even running the fridge will cost £1.45 for 24 hours.


Need to blow dry your hair? Consider towel drying and letting it dry naturally as 10 minutes with this device will cost 10 pence per 10 minutes.

Like a good read before bed? Your bedside lamp will cost 3 pence for an hour’s use, whilst having an electric blanket on from 10pm until 6am will set you back around £1.60.

Household chores

Lots of carpets at home? Hoovering will cost 73 pence per hour whilst ironing will cost 94 pence for the same amount of time.

Keen to keep the garden neat? Mowing the lawn will cost 45 pence per 30 minutes.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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