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A Review of Natural Stockcare

It is important for farmers to supplement their livestock’s diet with additional nutrients in order to ensure the health of the animals. While pasture grasses and hay provide a good foundation, they may not contain all of the vitamins and minerals that the animals need in order to stay healthy. By giving their livestock a daily supplement from Natural Stockcare, farmers can improve their animals’ overall health and wellbeing. From promoting optimal animal growth to preventing ill health, these farmers will benefit from these supplements as their animals would be healthier and thus provide more profit.

Supplement-making process

Natural Stockcare has more than 25 years of experience in supporting the farming sector. This gives them the knowledge to blend all-natural ingredients that result in boosting the performance of the livestock. They use pharmaceutical-grade vitamins in the manufacturing process, so you can be sure that your animals are getting the best possible nutrition.

Their products are designed to improve digestion, absorption, and utilization of nutrients, as well as to support optimal health and growth. The liquid formulation of livestock supplements makes them soluble and bioavailable to animals. This means that the supplements can be easily absorbed by the animal’s body and used to support the animal’s health. The liquid formulation also allows the supplements to be mixed with other liquids, such as water, to create a custom-made solution for the animal. This makes it easy to give the animal the exact amount of supplementation that it needs.

Different supplements for animals

There are various supplements for different types of animals.

● Cattle

● Goat

● Calf

● Pig

● Camel

● Sheep

● Lamb

Some of the best-selling products from this brand are as follows:

1. Stockline

Stockline contains a combination of many things, such as trace elements, antioxidants, vitamins, and chelated minerals that maximise bio availability. The supplement improves the fertility in your livestock. In addition, the vitamin and trace element levels are carefully balanced to provide optimum support for health and vitality. This supplement is ideal for use during periods of stress or when animals are at risk of disease. It can also be used to promote fertility in breeding stock. For best results, it would be wise to use it as directed by your veterinarian or animal nutritionist.

2. Slurrycare

Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular as consumers become more interested in where their food comes from and how it is produced. However, organic farming comes with its own set of challenges, one of which is dealing with slurry. Slurry is a nutrient-rich by-product of animal husbandry that can be used as a natural fertilizer. It can also be difficult to manage and can be expensive to dispose of. Slurrycare, from Natural Stockcare, is a new product that has been designed to help farmers reduce the cost of disposing of slurry while also enhancing its fertilizing qualities.

The product contains a special blend of enzymes and bacteria that break down the organic matter in slurry, making it easier to spread and preventing it from clogging equipment. Additionally, the bacteria in Slurrycare help to release nutrients that are essential for plant growth, making it an ideal fertilizer for organic farms.

3. Copper Cobalt

Copper and cobalt are essential trace minerals for all classes of ruminants. Copper Cobalt from Natural Stockcare is a completely soluble liquid supplement that provides balanced levels of these minerals to prevent deficiency. Copper is involved in numerous metabolic processes, including the production of red blood cells and the absorption of iron. It also helps to maintain a healthy immune system and is a perfect supplement for Lambing.

On the other hand, cobalt is a component of vitamin B12, which is crucial for the synthesis of red blood cells. It also plays a role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Copper Cobalt from Natural Stockcare is an easy way to ensure that your ruminants get the essential minerals they need for maintaining good health.

4. Cobalt B12 with Selenium

Cobalt B12 with Selenium, is another on-demand supplement that contains Vitamin B12, cobalt, and selenium. The addition of Vitamin B1 helps to further improve absorption of the other nutrients. Cobalt is an important trace mineral that is essential for the proper function of many enzymes in the body. Vitamin B12 boosts the production of red blood cells and also improves the development of the nerve and brain cells. Selenium is a crucial antioxidant that protects the body against cell damage. Together, these nutrients work synergistically to support overall health and vitality.

Why is Natural Stockcare different from other brands?

At Natural Stockcare, the workers are dedicated to providing farmers with the best possible solutions for increasing their profitability from livestock. The company understands that farmers have a wide range of needs, and they are always present to provide expert assistance with bespoke solutions to meet those needs.

The company doesn’t outsource anything, and as a result, is able to produce everything in-house. This allows them to maintain strict quality control standards and ensure that the products meet the highest levels of quality. The products have also attained GMP+ certification which speaks volumes about the company’s quality of the staff and manufacturing standards.

They are also based in Ireland, selling their products all over Europe. You can check out their EU headquarters here:


Natural Stockcare is a reliable source of animal feed supplements and hygiene products. The company’s products have been certified by GMP+, which is the world’s leading certification scheme for manufacturers of animal feed ingredients, and they have also got the nod from the Department of Agriculture standards in Great Britain and Ireland. The company provides a high level of quality assurance, and its products are backed by extensive research and development. The supplements are safe and effective, and they are also competitively priced.

When it comes to supplements for livestock, Natural Stockcare is the brand that farmers and ranchers should trust. They offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of any type of livestock, and the team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Whether you are looking for a supplement to improve fertility or one to help reduce stress, you will find a supplement that fulfils your animal’s needs.

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