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Athlete moves to make ‘The Bolt’ a trademark

The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt is attempting to make his signature pose a trademark.

Jamaica’s favourite sprinter – who still holds records for the 100m and 200m – officially submitted his application in America on August 17.

Well known for the stance, in which he leans back and points to the sky, Bolt often performs it after winning medals or setting records.

His application says the trademark depicts ‘The silhouette of a man in a distinctive pose, with one arm bent and pointing to the head, and the other arm raised and pointing upward.’

Bolt, a Manchester United fan, says he wants to use his famous pose as an image on his merchandise including clothes, jewellery and shoes, as well as restaurants and bars, as he looks to expand his business empire.

Bolt had applied to register a similar trademark 12 years ago, but this has since lapsed under US law.

The eight-time Olympic gold medallist retired from athletics at the 2017 World Championships in London, only managing a bronze in his penultimate race – the men’s 100m.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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