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Key Tips When Searching for a New Build Property in Spain

Around 15% of Spain’s population consists of foreign residents, or immigrants. This number is continuing to grow every year as more and more visitors fall in love with this beautiful country and decide to make it their forever homes. An increasing number of residents also brings an increasing number of new build properties for sale in Spain. While this is a great opportunity for those looking to settle here, there are also many nuances to look out for when it comes to new construction homes. Here are our key tips:

Current Project Status

When looking for your perfect new build home, it is recommended to start by searching already completed projects as opposed to buying pre-construction. While there are certain benefits and flexibility surrounding unbuilt properties, they also come with more headaches. You must make sure that the construction company exists and is legitimate, all planning permissions have already been granted and, in case of project cancellations, your rights as the buyer are protected. 

Therefore, unless you absolutely cannot find anything you like on the market, the property buying process will be much simpler if you prioritise a home that’s already been built or is nearly completed. Besides, this way you are able to view the property for yourself and make a well-informed decision prior to signing any contracts. If you need help figuring out the property market in Spain, services like Breezom are great at helping you find the type of home you want in the best areas. 

The Quality of the Build

The biggest issue that newly built homes often have is the quality and longevity of the construction. Some companies decide to cut costs by choosing cheaper materials and worse building methods, all to meet the strict deadlines within budget. Since everything is new, you wouldn’t realise this until it’s too late and you find yourself having to spend lots of your own money on fixing the mistakes of the construction company. 

There are a few different factors you may look at to ensure that your chosen property is built with integrity. First of all, you can research the reputation of the building company and the quality of their past projects – ideally, they will be 5-10 years old by then, so you can see how well they held up over time. You can also look at the percentage of the homes that have already been sold in the development. If it seems to be too slow-selling, chances are that there are some issues other viewers have noticed. 

Of course, you should always get a third-party home inspection service to evaluate the home for you and look at any concerns or issues before you close the deal. Some red flags could be easily noticeable during the viewing, however, certain things will require professional inspections. Make sure you have a good representative with you, who will advise you on the best course of action. 

A Sustainable Home

At this point, we are all well aware of environmental issues and climate change, which pose a huge threat to our future living. When searching for a new build property, look into the ways the developer is making their homes sustainable for years to come. There are lots of new technology and eco-friendly features that are often integrated in new buildings. 

This includes the use of natural materials, solar panels, smart insulations, eco cooling, heating and lighting systems, energy-saving appliances and so on. Not only will such features be much more friendly to the environment but can also reduce your utility bills significantly. 

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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