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The Top Planning Checklist for Audio-Visual Equipment and Components for Your Next Event

When planning an event – be it a business conference or a party – it would take a lot of effort to remember every little detail. Everyone understands all the intricacies of any event, but one matter that can make a world of difference – and make for an event that’s out-of-this-world and unique – is the audio-visual setup. The setup for the audio and visual requirements will, of course, vary per event, and some events would require a more extensive AV setup than the next – events such as concerts, business conferences with X number of speakers and presentations, and more. It would take your utmost expertise to know the requirements of such an event – so how can you make sure that you meet all that is required? We’re here to help you – beginning with the top planning checklist for audio-visual equipment and components for your next event.

Figure out what you need

The first step to planning your AV requirements is to consider the kind of event you are having and what you require regarding AV equipment. Some AV needs are basic – meaning everyone needs them, like microphones and sound systems – but others are more specialised, such as that big LED screen and a powerful projector. List down what your event requires, and if you need help determining what other AV equipment you need, it’s best to talk to an expert in AV hire who can give you a better idea.

Choose the right AV essentials

Knowing what you want and are looking for would also be good. For instance, if you need an external sound system, you would also require a standard and decently-sized mixer or soundboard. You may need a soundboard with several computer and mic inputs, so it’s best to talk to an AV provider about what you need. Your AV provider can also suggest additional equipment, whether you need a Direct Box, a PA system, a stronger sound system for better music, etc. If you have presentations from speakers, you may also need a mix of handheld, lavalier, and hardwired mics for your speakers to use on a stage or podium, but remember not to have too many mics as this can be difficult to handle.

You may also want to consider hiring an audio tech, especially if you don’t know the first thing about AV systems – the audio tech can save you from a tonne of headaches. In addition, you don’t have to be too anxious about handling a live event because you have an expert who will take care of what you need.

Select the ideal lighting

Another aspect of AV systems that many fail to pay attention to is the lighting – and this is where a good AV provider also does a fantastic job. The lighting elements are a huge part of your event and must be chosen carefully. Most venues available today already have basic or standard stage lighting, so your speakers and presenters can be seen easily. But if you want to add more drama and showcase something, extra stage lighting is a must, and it adds a dynamic, inspiring appeal to your event and even improves your branding in more ways than one.

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