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4 Savvy Investment Ideas for Homeowners & Travelers

As the travel and home improvement seasons kick into high gear, people everywhere are searching for ways to put their money to work in the most effective way possible. Homeowners are particularly interested in finding methods for adding value to their properties. For many, that means installing a home lift for the purposes of safety and a better resale price should the home ever go on the market.

Another wise investment that’s trending at year-end is medical travel insurance. It helps people engaged in medical tourism protect their financial interests on single trips abroad. Back at home, one of the savviest ways to protect a house from intrusion or trespass is an all-around security system, which represents yet another way to up the value of a home. For those who want to travel abroad for pleasure, investing in overseas rental real estate offers potentially attractive returns and rent-free lodging for longer trips. Here are pertinent facts about several of the better investment ideas currently attracting a lot of attention from homeowners and international travelers.

Installing a Home Lift

For homeowners who make the wise decision to invest in a home lift, there are multiple benefits. For starters, having a convenient, safe way of traveling from one floor to another means never having to worry about the potential danger of using steps. This factor might seem insignificant to some, but for older and infirm residents, it’s a huge relief. Installing a lift also lets property owners add to the long-term value of their houses in a unique, attractive way. But in addition to the safety factor and boosted resale value, having a private lift in your residence adds a welcome touch of elegance and class.

Medical Travel Insurance

Those who make the important and insightful choice of purchasing medical insurance before traveling to another country get a significant amount of value for their money. Adults who invest in proper medical insurance for travel abroad gain the peace of mind that comes with being financially protected from several potential events. You can acquire medical travel insurance that covers a single trip and is specifically tailored to suit the needs of those who head overseas for the purpose of getting treatment for conditions like elective surgery, dental issues, fertility or IVF procedures, cosmetic surgical treatment, and more. Additionally, you can purchase coverage for anyone who travels with you on the journey abroad.

All-Around Security Systems

Whether you live alone or with others, there’s a lot of wisdom in obtaining a comprehensive security system. For most property owners and people who reside in apartments, it makes perfect sense to buy components like all-around surveillance cameras, motion-sensitive spotlights, smart locks, and various types of alarms. A major benefit, besides the added safety, is that nearly all security components are fully mobile, so you can take them with you when you move.

Rental Real Estate Abroad

Investors are choosing to purchase rental units in foreign countries. In addition to the long-term appreciation of value, there’s the added benefit of having access to a rent-free place to stay on a long vacation. Rental real estate in select nations can be an intelligent way to diversify an investment portfolio.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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