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Trade Capitol Review – An Extensive Selection of Asset Classes 


Account Minimum: $0

Fees: Zero commissions stock trading 

Why We Choose Trade Capitol

While many traders and investors who have used Trade Capitol have mixed perceptions about its trading practices and policies, they generally agree on a few perks. The following are the main reasons that give Trade Capitol an edge in the industry. 

Robust product offerings 

Trade Capitol is a multi-asset brokerage platform with one of the most robust portfolios in the industry. The broker emphasizes a broader selection of asset classes and unique products for different types of traders and investors. Trade Capitol offers an impressive lineup of traditional asset classes and new assets that capture the unique demands of beginners, casual investors, and active traders. 

Better access to international markets 

Unlike most brokerage platforms, Trade Capitol does not confine its clients to just a few local markets. Instead, it allows all traders and investors unrestricted access to multiple international market centers, including electronic exchanges. That creates more investment opportunities and flexibility for investors. 

Multiple trading platforms 

Trade Capitol supports desktop, web, and mobile versions. The broker offers generally streamlined usability and trading experience on the three platforms, with similar tools and functions. The multiple trading platforms enable you to choose a program that perfectly matches your skills and investment goals. 

Competitive spreads 

The other reason you may want to start trading on Trade Capitol is their relatively low fees and margin interest rates. The broker has implemented a zero commissions policy for stock trading. Besides, it has eliminated minimum account deposits and other typical fees to ensure low-cost online trading.

Trade Capitol Pros and Cons 

Like other online brokerages, Trade Capitol also has unique perks and shortcomings that traders must understand before investing on the platform. Understanding those aspects will enable you to determine whether Trade Capitol is the best brokerage for you. 


  • A more comprehensive selection of investment products 
  • Better access to international markets 
  • Multiple trading platforms for different traders 
  • Excellent trade execution 
  • Competitive margin interest rates 


  • The desktop version is a bit slow 
  • Trade Capitol is not available in some regions 

Trade Capitol is Best for

Trade Capitol is distinguished by its robust lineup of investment products, better access to international markets, multiple trading platforms, and competitive spreads. Those attributes make Trade Capitol an excellent platform for beginners, active retail traders, and casual institutional investors who demand greater flexibility. 

Trading Platforms 

Trade Capitol offers three trading platforms: a desktop version, a web-based program, and a mobile app. The platforms are compatible with multiple Android and iOS devices. Besides, Trade Capitol has streamlined the venues with similar tools and functions, ensuring seamless navigation. 

Trade Capitol leverages a proprietary order routing technology in all its platforms to facilitate the prompt execution of trades at the most low-cost market centers. All the platforms offer the same asset classes, and you can easily place orders using symbols. Trade Capitol ‘s trading programs also allow you to stage orders for later execution and set price alerts. 

You can access trading tools and amenities on Trade Capitol, including charting, drawing tools, screeners, portfolio analysis, multi-leg options, research, real-time data streaming, calculators, and news. However, the desktop version offers more advanced tools and features for experienced traders. 

Range of Offerings 

The Trade Capitol’s extensive lineup of investment products is the main proposition that enables it to attract a growing number of traders and investors to its platforms. The broker emphasizes robust product offerings to meet the unique demands of retail traders and institutional investors. Here are the tradeable asset classes on Trade Capitol. 

Mutual FundsNo


Trade Capitol is a multi-global brokerage with a broader network of market centers worldwide. It allows you to trade the above asset classes on over 150 international markets across more than 30 countries.


Trade Capitol has made tremendous steps towards ensuring low-cost online trading. The broker has removed minimum account deposits, checking, and domestic wire transfer fees. Besides, they also allow no commissions on online stock trading. Other trades and transactions on Trade Capitol attract different margin interest rates, but the spreads are relatively low compared to its immediate competitors. Nevertheless, you should still contact Trade Capitol for more information about their fees and spreads before you start trading on the platform.

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