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Debt Collection Agency called in to advise top TV soap

Federal Management has been called in to help with scripts for a future storyline in the long-running TV soap Coronation Street. The firm, which is a leading debt collection agency, has been sharing its expertise for the legendary Manchester-based TV soap.

The relevant episodes will be broadcast to millions of viewers in January 2023 and will include a tense debt collection storyline involving some of the show’s most prominent characters.

Coronation Street’s scriptwriting team sought the assistance of Federal Management to ensure that the gripping storyline was as accurate as possible. The riveting scenes will be realistic and will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Federal Management and script writers have remained quiet about which actors will be involved in the scenes premiering next year.

Marc Curtis-Smith, Managing Director of Federal Management, said: “One of the main characters is going to face an unpaid CCJ debt problem, so we were approached by the producers to check scripts and scenes for authenticity.”

“This included making sure the writers had used accurate industry terminology and that the facts used were legally correct. Many of our staff are regular viewers of the show so we were honoured to be asked for advice on the scripts.”

Federal Management has also been identified as key advisers for future script writing projects involving any aspects of debt collection for the ITV show.

It is not the first time that Federal Management has been asked to assist scriptwriters and producers of television shows.

They have previously advised TV producers on scripts and narratives for various documentaries and TV shows. The award-winning Debt Collection specialist has been in business for nearly 20 years and is highly respected in the business world.

Many high-level and prestigious organisations, as well as small businesses, have used their professional debt collection services in the UK and internationally. Frontline Collections, a well-known name in the world of Private and Personal Debt Collection, is its sister company.

This is not the first time that a debt collection plot has been at the forefront of Coronation Street’s riveting episodes. One of the soap’s favourite stars, Mikey North, previously played an ‘illegal’ debt collector.

It is understood that the episodes on which Federal Management has advised will feature CCJ enforcement of a character’s unpaid debts.

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