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Information about Cristobal Colon

Mount Cristobal Colon (also known as Mount Teide) is a mountain on the island of Colombia, which is part of the Canary Islands. It is an active volcano with an elevation of 5,730 meters above sea level. Its slopes are covered with dense forests and are home to many species of animals.

Mount Cristobal Colon has been dormant since 1731 when it erupted violently, destroying most of its southern slope. The mountain was more recently active between 1940 and 1960, when lava flows were produced by explosive eruptions along the west flank. In 1967 Mount Cristobal Colon erupted again and produced lava flows that reached the sea near Punta de Domingo on the northwestern slope.

Cristobal Colon climbing routes are considered to be very challenging. They are not recommended for beginners and climbers should be at least experienced with high altitude climbing and mountaineering techniques.

Many different types of climbs have been attempted on this mountain including rock climbing, ice climbing, rock scrambling and ski touring. The most popular route is known as El Corazon (Heart). It is a long day hike that takes climbers over 2000 feet above sea level and requires some technical skills such as rock climbing with crampons and ropes as well as glacier travel skills for crossing crevasses (glacial passages) on foot.

Because of its location and accessibility, Cristobal Colon attracts many climbers from around the world similar like Everest, Mera Peak, Ama Dablam and Manaslu. It is also convenient for those who live in other parts of the Caribbean region, as it is only about a two-hour flight from St. Thomas or St. Croix.

The area around Cristobal Colon has a history dating back to pre-Columbian times, when Mayan people lived there before being conquered by Columbus’ expedition in 1492. Later Spanish settlers-built sugar plantations; however, they did not make much progress on building permanent settlements.

Claire James
Claire James
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