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Robust: Early-Stage Venture Capital Fund Intent on Trailblazing to New Frontiers

The early-stage venture capital firm, Robust, is already causing a buzz in the space because of its unique approach to supporting the ‘lightning rods of change’, the stand-out innovators who possess the solutions to challenge their chosen industries. Launched less than ten months ago, Robust has already made its mark by backing two exciting innovations in diverse sectors.

At the heartbeat of the company is its Founder and General Partner, Kanin Asvaplungprohm (“Asva”), a young but enormously experienced venture capitalist who utilizes his East-West dynamism, sensitivities and knowledge to bring North American and Southeast Asia closer together in business.

He offers a compelling proposition: long-term support but incisive thinking to innovators who want to engineer paradigm shifts by taking a fresh approach to challenges inherent in their sectors, whether it be science, logistics, engineering or economics. He also provides advisory services to entities looking to branch out into Asian markets by having a clear grasp of the region’s ever-evolving geopolitical, economic and regulatory landscapes.

Being part of the entrepreneurial arena by launching Robust, Kanin Asva has quickly set the bar high by successfully partnering with high-profile investors and investing in two revolutionary rising companies, Offsight and Symbiome.

Offsight is a construction SAAS software solving the most common challenges of offsite and project-based manufacturing, utilizing seamless quality tracking and operation management features to help factory managers more conveniently track progress and tackle quality issues. Symbiome is a trailblazer in the life sciences industry, providing organic and sustainable products focused on supplementing modern skin biomes with greater microbial diversity to produce stronger, healthier skin cells.

With an industry-agnostic approach, Robust‘s proposition is to propel new frontier technologies beyond barriers on the global stage. By investing in early (Pre-Seed to Series A) and staying the course through a company’s lifecycle, Robust is intent on partnering with a select number of exemplary founders and fresh minds. “At Robust, we like to stand as the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur by being highly innovative and at their back. We want to help leaders leverage tangible, value-added solutions that are built to last,” said Kanin Asva.

Robust marks a major personal milestone for Kanin Asva, the realization of a desire to stand on his own two feet and forge his own reputation in the VC world against a maelstrom of doubters and competitors.

The venture capital firm is also an amalgam of the experience and knowledge that Kanin Asva has squeezed into his career within the finance and tech spheres. He managed more than $200 million collectively in his previous roles, including heading up a small-cap private equity firm focused on re-sparking a struggling business. “I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the business world from Bangkok to California, and all have left their own impressions that I am fusing to make Robust a VC firm to remember.”

He learned the art of business at an early age, and his foundations are based on the successes of his grandfather Pichit and his father, Prachaks, both reputable Thai businessmen with more than 60 years of leadership in industry.

For a cross-border fund that straddles two diverse continents, cultures and work commitments, Kanin Asva is already a stand-out among specialist fund managers: one that aligns with Southeast Asia and North America. Notably, he works alongside a network of seasoned operators, founders, strategic specialists, and notable investors who have the inside track of the geopolitical fabric of both regions.

Kanin Asva’s strong mentality and sheer determination are two characteristics that defined his way up the ladder of success. However, he continues to recognize the importance of a team’s collective capabilities. “I am always looking to encourage young minds and fresh thinkers to come forward with their innovations,” he added. At Robust, we can offer a growth mindset and positive approach toward business management, inspiring many budding entrepreneurs and startups looking to gain next-level success for their ventures.

“As in name and nature, Robust is built on resilience and strong mental fortitude. Two very striking characteristics that innovators, entrepreneurs and creators need to possess to see their ideas come from vision to reality.”

Robust is rapidly building an excellent standing, having already co-invested and gained respect from funds that manage hundreds of millions of dollars and has been congratulated by a senior investment manager. He said: “Early-stage investing can be high-risk; however, it offers high rewards. At Robust, we employ an intentional, quality-oriented approach and this is how we generate risk-adjusted returns.”

With a meticulous eye for detail and the ability to spot the best and brightest innovations that challenge the status quo, Robust and Kanin Asva are intent on going beyond borders and overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of a smarter, better tomorrow.

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Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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