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3 Ways To Save Money On Your Broadband Plan

We’re all spending more time online than ever. And many of us are worried about the impact that the cost of living crisis will have on our bank balance at the end of each month. So it’s only natural that we want to make sure we’re getting the best value possible for our broadband – both speed and money-wise.

The Government is currently encouraging broadband providers to make sure low-income households have access to broadband social tariffs. Under its new scheme, providers can now means test customers with their permission for eligibility for these cheaper tariffs.

If you don’t qualify for social tariffs, don’t worry – there are other ways to save without sacrificing a good quality connection. Here are three ways to get broadband that doesn’t break the bank.

  1. Find the right broadband package for you

Not all broadband packages are equal: they can vary greatly from provider to provider. Not just in the base price, but also in the extra benefits they offer. For example, Utility Warehouse (also known as UW) offer a 10% discount on their broadband to customers who bundle multiple services with them.

As the UK’s only multiservice provider, they enable customers to bundle their broadband with energy, mobile and/or insurance. The more services bundled, the more savings customers can unlock – including for energy.

It’s also worth reviewing how you and your household use broadband. For example, a one-bedroom flat housing two may not need as powerful a connection as a large house with a family of five. And a keen gamer will need a little more ‘oomph’ than a casual browser. There are different packages with different speeds out there to suit everyone, and you don’t necessarily always have to choose the fastest, most expensive connection.

  1. Get a package without landline

With mobile phones increasingly becoming people’s main method of communication, fewer and fewer people are reaching for the home phone. And you might be one of many who either rarely or never use their home phone anymore.

But did you know that many broadband deals include landline in the package, meaning you could be paying extra for something you don’t use?

The good news is that there are several broadband-only packages out there. And packages that include free landline calls at certain times of the day or week for people who use their home phones infrequently, too. By not having to pay for line rental, you could save several pounds each month.

  1. Avoid in-contract price hikes

It’s well-known that some broadband providers significantly increase their prices as soon as the contract is over and automatically renewed. Although, thankfully, these days they’re obligated by law to contact customers to remind them before this happens.

But in some cases, they can also hike prices midway through the contract, which can come as a nasty surprise.

Not all providers do this though, so it’s worth shopping around to find a deal that’s both great value and consistent. Already mentioned above about their broadband deals, Utility Warehouse guarantees not to raise their prices mid-contract.

Remember, you don’t have to put up with broadband that doesn’t work hard enough for you. Spending a little time looking at all your different options and then switching can pay off in the long run, and continue to do so for years.

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