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A Guide To Daily Jackpots

The World of Online Casinos can be hard to navigate, with many games and slots available. Even one of the simplest games (the slots) has thousands of games with their own unique rules, mechanics and bonus features. The most well-known bonus feature is the jackpot. However, even the universally known jackpot has different rules and varying amounts of money to be won.

One form of the jackpot in online casino slots is the daily jackpot. The daily jackpot is popular and can be found in many casino slots. What are daily jackpots, and why could they be the jackpot for you? 

What is a Daily Jackpot

Daily jackpot slots are quite simple; they include a jackpot paid out every day. These games operate with a progressive jackpot system, taking a small percentage of around 2-3% of every wager and adding that money to the jackpot. Unlike Progressive jackpots, however, daily jackpots aren’t allowed to keep building the pot indefinitely; the jackpot is triggered once a day at a completely random time. That time could be a minute before midnight or early hours in the morning. As a result, it means the chances of winning this jackpot are much greater than most other options, which is one of the reasons it has become the most popular form of jackpot. Although the chances of winning are improved when playing daily jackpots, the potential prize pool can be much smaller than other casino slots; typical daily jackpots usually range from £20,000 – 50,000. Once the jackpot is won, it becomes unwinnable until the next day, when the jackpot is reset for the next round of players.

Top Daily Jackpot Slots

Daily slots have become a staple of many online casino games over the years, with many slots choosing to incorporate daily jackpots as their main bonus payout feature. Here are a few popular Daily jackpots you can play right now!

Rainbow jackpot is an online casino slot set on a background with wooden pillars holding up the simple reel on a cobbled floor with tufts of grass sticking out the side. It’s a simple, aesthetically pleasing background. Rainbow Jackpot also has many exciting features, such as the magical symbol swap, which causes a symbol to land in various spots on the reels, leading to multiple winning combinations. There is also the beer bonus which allows you to pick a pint and receive a prize of up to 1000x your bet. Rainbow slots also have free spins featuring a daily jackpot for players to enjoy.

Another popular game that features daily jackpots is jewel scarabs. This game takes you to the sandy lands of Egypt with a dark orange sky and sand hills in the background. There are pyramids and camels in the environment too. The graphics are incredible, and the reel features a golden Egyptian-themed outline with a dark blue reel. The symbols in this game are stunning, with special symbols made to feature colourful statues of a bird, a cat and the Egyptian god Anubis. This game isn’t just about stunning graphics. Its exciting gameplay is furthered with bonus features such as golden scarabs that, when landing three, trigger a golden spins bonus round where the player is given multiple free spins to try and land as many scarabs as possible. Every scarab landed increases the multiplier by +1 each time.

Finally, Rocket Men is an interesting title from Red Tiger Gaming. Rocket Men is a unique slot that blends online casino gameplay with political satire. The slot is set over an ocean, and on the left is an animated military base led by a whimsical animated version of Donald Trump. On the right is a tower with, once again, an animated caricature of Kim Jong Un. This vibrant slot is jam-packed with creative animations as you play the slot while the two controversial political figures battle it out. This title is not just a Gimmick that riffs off a once hot topic as its gameplay is some of the most fun and exciting you will find anywhere, as it has 20 paylines and 5 unique bonus features. These bonus features include Don’s driving Range, where Trump hits golf balls at the top of his tower to ring down low-paying symbols and award higher prizes. Kim’s little game where Kim sends rockets at the reel leaving behind wilds wherever they land. Boom Time, where Kim aims a missile at the reel to try and award a generous cash prize. Party time, where Trump Tries to reward the player with a big prize, and Nuclear Spins, a free spins round where The two leaders will fire rockets at each other until a winner is declared. This game is jam-packed with content and unique animations, and it’s a slot I recommend trying out.


Daily jackpots are a popular form of casino jackpots, with game developers constantly including the feature in an ever-growing list of incredible game titles. It is important to remember always to gamble responsibly and never to chase the jackpots. Although a jackpot is guaranteed every day, the chance of winning it will be quite low. As we mentioned, the jackpot could have been paid out hours before you start playing, or it might only be intended to pay out many hours after you finish. For these reasons, you should always set a budget, stick to it, and never chase losses. That said, if you want to enjoy some online casino slots, then daily jackpots are a great option. With the previously mentioned titles, we have given you some great opportunities with all of those games being able to be played today!

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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