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Exploring Lingerie Trends With House of Skye’s Skye Drynan

With Valentine’s Day upon us, many couples are shopping for fresh lingerie pieces to spice things up in the bedroom. Wearing a beautiful lingerie set can make one feel especially powerful and confident. Lingerie trends come and go, as colorways and silhouette styles are ever-changing. Everyone has a different definition of sexy. For some, that means showing as much skin as possible. For others, it simply means being comfortable in one’s skin.

During the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion shows last September, Fendi, Blumarine, Tom Ford, and other designers incorporated lingerie style pieces in their runway looks. These looks featured teeny-tiny triangle bras, opaque tights as pants, underwired bras, and more creative designs.

Priya Downes, founder and CEO of Nudea, told Who What Wear what to expect. First up, color and texture. Colors such as baby blue, olive, and storm gray are especially popular, while textures such as mesh and velvet are gaining traction.

Another trend to expect, per Downes, is comfortable underwiring. With the pandemic behind us,  people are out and about, dressing in trendy clothing once again. As a result, wired bras seem to be making a comeback. Underwired bras are notoriously uncomfortable, but many brands are rethinking their design process and ensuring that each bra is as comforting to the wearer as possible. Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand has many underwire options ideal for everyday use.

Perhaps the most popular trend to be on the lookout for this year is underwear as outerwear. This was one of the most prevalent movements over the past year. People began wearing blazers with a simple bra underneath, thongs sticking out of their pants or skirts, and bras over the top of their blouses. Lingerie-style bodysuits are now being worn alone, as shirts.

So, with Valentine’s Day here, it is no surprise that lingerie is as popular as ever. Sitting at the intersection of technology and fashion, House of Skye is a cutting-edge brand sitting at the intersection of technology and fashion. Skye Drynan, founder of House of Skye, uses her six design patents, two utility patents, and two systems and methods patents in over 100 countries to help innovate the industry with her design.

Embodying many of the aforementioned trends is House of Skye’s BareBack Intimates, a modern underwear line for both women and men. The Sexy Back Bra features 22 tabs and 8 adjustable halter, arm, and leg straps that are designed to be comfortable while enabling women to pair it with any outfit. The Men’s Sport Brief comes in 6 nude colorways and has a hidden pocket for impromptu assistance.

The underwear market has come a long way, and so many brands offer a range of pieces depending on what the consumer is looking for.

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