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Meet Raffaele Riva: International Financial Advisor to High-Profile Clients

International financial whiz Raffaele Riva has always believed in helping others. It was this philosophy that spurred his rise through the business world to the position he holds today — founder and co-owner of AUREA Multi-Family Office in Switzerland. AUREA Multi-Family Office is a financial consulting firm that assists high-profile investors and entrepreneurs throughout Switzerland, Italy, and the UK make sound financial decisions. 

Under the umbrella of his organization, Riva offers a variety of financial services to clients, including:

  • Wealth and estate planning
  • Wealth management
  • Consultation on international tax
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Sports finance
  • Real estate investment

He has helped hundreds of individuals and corporations around the globe achieve their financial dreams and taught them how to navigate the complicated world of international finance and tax law. Assisting others is his lifelong goal and one for which he has spent years preparing. 

Raffaele Riva’s Early Years

Riva has always been a believer in the power of education, holding a degree in economics and having completed numerous coursework at the post-graduate level. His academic history is impressive and has earned him expert status in the areas of accounting, international taxation, and tax law. The educational portion of his resume is extensive:

  • 1987: Graduated with honors from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, with a degree in Economics
  • 1989: Completed the Italian qualification to become a qualified accountant at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan
  • 1997: Completed a post-graduate course in International Taxation at SSQEA, Canton Ticino Management Business School in Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland
  • 1998: Completed the master course, Swiss Cantonal e Federal Tax, at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland in Lugano 
  • 2000: Completed six modules at Euroconference in the Master in International Tax Law & Practice at the Centre of Studies in Tax Law in Verona, Italy
  • 2012: Completed a post-graduate master program in Trust Law and Practice at Consorzio Interuniversitario Uniforma – Associazione, Milan, Italy
  • 2017: Completed a post-graduate program, Legal & Business English for Italian Lawyers & Accountants, University of Milan Bicocca in Milan, Italy

Early in his career, Riva worked as a managing partner for several corporations within the consulting industry. As a result, he gained significant expertise in areas such as corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. 

Raffaele Riva Today

Today, Raffaele Riva holds professional memberships in various regulatory organizations, including:

  • Register of Chartered Accountants, Milano
  • Register of Legal Auditors, Rome
  • Associazione Il Trust in Italia
  • Italian Association of Anti-Money Laundering Officers
  • STEP, as a Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner for more than 10 years
  • Register of Authorized Accountants and Trustees of Canton
  • Register of Authorized Asset Manager of Canton Ticino in Switzerland

Riva is a dual citizen of Switzerland and Italy, is fluent in French, English, and Italian, and enjoys collecting Modern and Contemporary Art. 

When he’s not assisting clients in navigating the complicated world of tax, finance, and investments, Riva enjoys wine-tasting, boating, classic cars, and SCUBA diving. He serves as a part-time diving instructor, and has traveled extensively around the globe. 

Learn more about Raffaele Riva here:

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