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What are Global Equity funds? [Bonus 3 Global Equities Funds to Invest in]

Ever wanted to know more about global equity funds and the world of investing?

Global equity funds offer investors great opportunities for diversification, as well as access to a wide range of investment options from around the globe. This article will teach you all you need to know about what global equity funds are, why it’s wise to consider investing globally and even provide bonus tips on 3 key fund picks ideal for beginners!

Investing in a global equities fund is an excellent way to spread your risk across diverse markets, without sacrificing potential returns. With the right advice on where best to invest and how much exposure each sector should have, you can maximise your gains while making sure that your entire portfolio remains secure and resilient.

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What are Global Equity Funds?

Global equity funds offer an ideal option for savvy investors wanting a globalised approach to their portfolio. With the ability to explore opportunities across all continents and countries, this type of fund has revolutionised the way investors manage their finances – ensuring that they remain up to date with global trends.

The Benefits of Investing Globally

Maximising your portfolio potential is one of the most significant opportunities global equities funds offer investors.

With the advantage of global diversification, investors can tap into global markets and sectors that domestic investors may not have access to, providing a greater range of opportunities and potentially higher returns.

Global equities funds help to manage risks that come with investments limited to one geography, thanks to their ability to spread capital across multiple regions and countries.

Paired with extensive analysis from qualified research teams, global investors can take advantage of global market trends to gain potentially better returns on their investments. Investing globally has enormous potential for investors – all you need is a solid global equities fund combined with an experienced team of professionals and you’re on your way.

Funds you Should Consider

GAM Star Disruptive Growth

GAM Star Disruptive Growth is a global equity fund looking for companies across a variety of industries which are set to benefit from the disruption that the next wave of technological change will bring about. Manager Mark Hawtin has a strong background in the technology sector, and uses this to identify themes of technological change, as well as find those firms that embrace these changes at the core of their business. It is a fund positioned to be on the right side of change, but without betting the house on one dominant theme, making for a compelling offering in the global sector.

CT Global Extended Alpha

CT Global Extended Alpha is a quality growth fund that buys high return on capital businesses experiencing sustainable structural growth. Manager Neil Robson can extend investors’ potential returns by buying stocks he expects to do well and also looking to make money on stocks he expects to do badly (shorting). Neil describes this as “lining up on the starting grid for a motor race with an engine 50% bigger than everyone else’s”. 

Rathbone Greenbank Global Sustainability

This is a high conviction global equity fund that can invest in companies of any size,but will have a bias towards mid-caps. Manager David Harrison focuses on selecting stocks with strong cash generation but will actively avoid businesses involved in unethical or unsustainable practices. The exclusion criteria included are alcohol, animal testing, armaments, extraction of fossil fuels, gambling, nuclear power, pornography, tobacco and poor employment, environment and/or human rights practices. Each holding will also have to have at least one positive environmental, social or governance attribute.

Claire James
Claire James
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