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What is the Cost of A HBOT Chamber?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has gained more momentum over the past decade. The implication is that more people will be interested in this therapy method in the future. Millions of online search results indicate that people are asking about the cost of HBOT chambers. The post will be dedicated to the cost of HBOT chambers. It will also contain how much you will likely pay per session if you use a commercial HBOT chamber. Other relevant information will be included in the post, so please read this post carefully.

What is HBOT?

According to a report published by John Hopkins University, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is considered a treatment method used for speeding up wounds that will not heal, reversing certain poisons, and addressing infections associated with oxygen deficiency.

To actualize this therapy, the user needs to be in an HBOT system exposed to pure oxygen. The chamber is also pressurized to about 2 or 3 times the normal atmospheric pressure. HBOT aims to fill the user’s bloodstream with enough oxygen so damaged body tissues can be easily fixed and the body can function as it ought to.

The Cost of A HBOT Chamber

We may not be able to give you the direct cost implication of purchasing an HBOT unit because it depends on several factors. There are two ways to spend money on HBOTs. Either you are paying for HBOT treatments in a hospital or purchasing the unit to be used in your home. Anyhow you look at it, a financial cost is attached to using HBOT chambers. We will look at some factors that can determine how much you are likely to spend when using HBOT chambers.

For Approved Cases and Other Cases

The FDA has approved using hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a treatment method for specific injuries and illnesses. Such health conditions are referred to as on-label. For example, on-label health conditions include diabetic foot ulcers, radiation tissue damage, gas gangrene, difficult-to-heal wounds, smoke inhalation, decompression sickness, and poisoning from carbon monoxide. There are many other on-label condition that were not mentioned above. But my point is that health insurance packages cover FDA-approved procedures.

In addition to on-label conditions, HBOT can be used for other health conditions that have yet to get approval from FDA. Although those treatment methods are supported by research, they don’t have FDA approval yet. Such health conditions are referred to as off-label. Because they are not FDA-approved, they are usually not covered by health insurance. However, just because they term them off-label does not mean the HBOT is ineffective as a treatment for such conditions. In the same vein, some drugs in the US are not FDA-approved, which does not make them bad.

The Provider Type

HBOT providers are in two groups – independent and hospitals. How much you pay for accessing HBOT at these providers differs for obvious reasons. However, the difference in cost can be massive, depending on the provider you are using.

Hospitals admit people with on-label conditions and those who possess certain insurance. On the other hand, independent providers don’t discriminate against on-label or off-label patients. They accept anybody but may not take any insurance.

You can get HBOT treatment at certain places because they handle both on-label and off-label cases. OxyHelp is not an HBOT provider. Instead, they sell HBOT units to individuals.

Back to the cost of hyperbaric chamber, treatments for on-label cases cost more than their off-label counterpart. For off-label health conditions, providers charge between $250 and $600. But more importantly, it is highly recommended that users sit down and chat with their medical advisor before venturing into any HBOT treatment. Health professionals are better positioned to advise users on the best treatment method.

The Seriousness of the Symptoms

Lastly, the kind of symptoms you have will play a vital role in the care and treatment you will receive. As expected, the lighter the case, the higher the possibility of the issue getting resolved on time. So, how severe the symptoms are will determine how long the treatment will last. That may automatically affect the cost of the treatment. Although that may not apply in all cases, it is likely to play a significant role in deciding an HBOT treatment’s cost implication.

A severe health condition would likely need more HBOT sessions. However, the reverse will be the case for those with lighter health conditions.

This post has looked at the cost of using HBOTs from a different perspective. However, if you are interested in having your HBOT chamber, you can get such from OxyHelp. They manufacture and sell the best HBOT systems for now. So, whether it is monoplace or multiplace HBOT chambers, you can be sure of finding the best designs on their platform.

Purchasing an HBOT hyperbaric chamber unit

If you noticed, this article majored on the cost of accessing HBOT-based treatments. We did not focus on the cost of purchasing the chamber. Having said that, I think it is best if you have your hyperbaric chamber. If you make it a duty to prevent sicknesses, you are less likely to develop serious complications in your lifetime. That is why most people have HBOT units in their homes to help them stay fit. Forget about the overall cost because it will benefit you greatly in the long run. So, again, check out all the HBOT chambers at OxyHelp and make your choice today.


The cost of HBOT is not as important as being healthy. Most people are willing to give anything to be healthy. We should learn to do the right things at the right time to avoid falling ill unnecessarily. Spending some time inside an HBOT system is one way to do that. Visit the OxyHelp website to check for a suitable HBOT chamber for yourself.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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