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Can Casual Dresses Be Even More Relaxed

Sometimes we can put on a dress and instantly feel as though it’s just too much when the intention is to be casual and comfortable. Or you put on a favorite summer sundress only to be met with friends taunting your “fanciness” simply because you have on something other than shorts or jeans.

While you look in your closet to find Mint Julep Boutique dresses that match your casual style, you might wonder how to wear these more relaxedly. In this sort of conundrum, stylists at the boutique can give you a ton of ideas on how to further dress down your casual dresses.

You can add various accessories, change out your footwear or add a hat, consider how you’re wearing your hair and makeup, or maybe wear a hat and don’t worry about your hair. Not only can you give a casual dress a more comfortable edge, but you can even make fancy apparel more laid back for a day with friends.

Let’s look more in detail at ways to bring a more

How Can You Make A Casual Dress Appear Even More Relaxed

Some friends are strictly sweatpants, jeans, shorts, and sneakers. If you come out of the house in even a T-shirt dress, you would be considered way overdressed to this group.

That can be distressing for some girls, especially in the spring and summer when temperatures are warming up and dresses are preferred. Of course, you’ll continue to dress in what makes you comfortable but look for ways to make the outfits, maybe, suit more with the relaxed style of those around you. Find out tips for .

Consider these suggestions for making casual dresses a little more fitting for a laid-back setting.

Add a favorite worn jacket in the spring or fall 

A dress can look more relaxed when you add a favorite worn, comfortable jacket. The outfit will instantly look less “dressed up” and more like you’re set to do errands or hang out with friends. In keeping with a relaxed style, a denim or military-style jacket adds to the laid-back feel.

You can toss your hair up in a loose bun to add to your carefree appearance and either go with minimal makeup or a fresh face for the day, depending on the occasion.

  • Footwear can add to the relaxed feel of the outfit

Pairing the proper footwear with casual dresses can make a significant difference with little effort. The primary choice for the most laid-back look is sneakers. While these will make you appear chill and comfortable, they also look chic at the same time.

The suggestion is to opt for a “clean pair of low-profile white or cream sneakers.” These will work best with virtually any style, whether you have a vivid solid color, prints, patterns, and on.

  • Choose something to cinch the waist 

There are varied ways to cinch the waist, whether you choose a belt, a rope, elastic waistbands, or so many other choices.

  • Hats are the ideal way to dress down a casual dress

Hats can be worn with any dress to make it more casual; even a fancier dress will appear less formal by adding a hat. Many women will add a ball cap, sun hats, cowboy hats, so many options to take the emphasis off the fact that you’re in a dress but more so on the idea that you’re ready for fun.

  • Layer with a cardigan

A cardigan is super versatile when trying to make a dress more relaxed. You can either wear it as you would on a cool day. You can also tie it at the waist or over the shoulder. However you choose, the cardigan simplifies the dress’s appearance.

When you intend to tie the cardigan, you’ll want to use a shorter version or a cropped style. If you tie these with a maxi or midi dress, the longer versions will work perfectly. Visit here for details on how to wear a casual dress for work.

  • Sleeveless dresses can be dressed down with a simple T-shirt

You won’t want a graphic tee or varied colors or patterns; a simple, plain white t-shirt will be suitable when wearing a sleeveless dress to put over or even under the dress for a trendier albeit relaxed look. This option also lets you take your summer dresses into the cooler seasons.

The t-shirt should be a slim-fit option to avoid gathering or bunching when putting it under the dress or to overwhelm the outfit when over the top.

  • How you wear your hair and makeup will make an impact on your overall appearance

Even when following some tips and tricks to downplay an already casual dress to make it appear more relaxed, it’s important to pay attention to how you wear your hair and makeup.

Going out in a full face of makeup with hair in place can make the outfit appear dressy, regardless of the dress’s casualness. Usually, when having a relaxing afternoon like this, a simple messy bun or ponytail for long hair or a swift roll brush for short hair will suffice.

Makeup is always minimal or even goes with just a fresh face. Full makeup is reserved for the office environment or special occasions when the dress is formal and above.

Final Thought

When you need to bring your casual dresses down a notch, reach out to the stylists at your favorite boutique to find out what sort of accessories you need, how to change out your footwear, guidance on hats, cardigans, jackets, tees, and learn how to intermix these to create an even more relaxed look from the simple dress.

While getting ready, paying attention to how much time you take on your hair and makeup is also necessary.

When you’re having a casual day with friends or errands or relaxing with a good book by the pool, makeup doesn’t even need to be in the equation. Sunscreen and moisturizer, sure, but anything extensive is for formal gatherings. Hair should be simple and carefree, with even the addition of a hat to avoid any effort. It’s absolutely possible to make casual dresses more relaxed.

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