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Introducing Entrepreneur Alexander Studhalter

Introducing entrepreneur Alexander Studhalter

Alexander Studhalter began his career as an entrepreneur when he was 25 years old. After the brother of the former FC Lucern president took over his parents’ business, he set out to modernize it. In other words, he received his entrepreneurial talent almost from the time he was a baby. Born in Lucerne, Switzerland, the young man developed a particular interest in the Swiss real estate market.

Having earned a federal certificate of proficiency in finance and accounting, he completed training as a business economist. The first place he went after his initial investments was Russia; he built up a fortune through private equity.

Studhalter is a visionary who manages 1.5 billion Swiss francs’ worth of assets according to his own statement (status as of October 2022). A multi-client family office accounts for about half of that amount, and it is responsible for the Studhalter International Group as well as third-party mandates. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Studhalter is a shrewd businessman. In an article in the German-language edition of Forbes, Alexander Studhalter says of the real estate market, “We aim to achieve a net return on invested capital of 6 to 8 percent after taxes.” He has, however, diversified his investments not only in real estate but also in audio-visual media. Examples include Auviso Audio Visual Solutions AG, Sport 1, and Constantin Film (both of which are part of the Highlight Event and Entertainment AG).

Studhalter brings many years of Private Equity to the table

Studhalter has many years of experience in private equity (PE).

In Russia, he built up his own capital through private equity. Among his main focuses is PE, to which he pays special attention. It is a form of investment that can be very lucrative for the investor. Private equity entails companies being purchased by investment partnerships before ultimately being sold by them. The investment funds are managed by private equity firms on behalf of institutional and accredited investors. Such asset classes are only accessible to investors with high equity levels. In 2007, Harvard Business Review called private equity a “strategic secret” for investors, despite the controversy that has been created by carried interest. Alexander Studhalter’s AUM (assets under management) in private equity amount to approximately 500 million Swiss francs. With regard to the asset class, he explains that “if the right fund is chosen, the benefits of private equity clearly outweigh its risks” and thus explicitly advocates this type of investment.

Know-how in PropTech and REIT

PropTech is another high-yield asset class that represents innovative and modern technology for many, including Alexander Studhalter. Real estate technology or “PropTech” is the term used to describe the widespread application of technology in the real estate market. This includes, for instance, home office technology, research, and analysis, as well as mobile applications. Technology is designed to assist in the buying, selling and management of assets in the real estate market. In many ways, it replaces stacks of paper and headaches from the past.

REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is an investment option also recommended by Studhalter. High returns make this a perfect option for protecting against rising inflation rates. What is REIT? REITs are companies that own or finance real estate. Investors often enjoy many benefits when investing in REITs. Among other things, the potential for steady, long-term capital appreciation.

Sustainable construction

Alexander Studhalter is committed to sustainable construction, an important building block for the future of the real estate industry, not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. Sustainability is about making sure that future generations will not be harmed by our actions. Sustainable construction is essential to minimize the negative impact on the environment, energy consumption, and the use of natural resources. At the moment climate change makes this a vital and much-needed construction method that deserves investment.

In addition to investing in future-proof companies, the founder of Studhalter International Group plans to involve his sons in the business. Throughout the years, the world of business has undergone radical changes, and Alexander Studhalter is always on the cutting edge. We are excited to see what the future has in store

Shared Ownership

For Alexander Studhalter, shared ownership is an investment-option well worth considering. Individuals without a home can purchase shares in newly constructed or resold properties through shared ownership.

If you cannot afford the initial deposit and mortgage payments for a house, you can purchase a home through the shared ownership program. This program is particularly suitable for:

  • First-time buyers
  • Former owners of a home who cannot afford a new one
  • Owners of a house who want to move and cannot afford a house that meets their needs
  • People who need to move after a failed relationship or due to other circumstances and cannot afford a house
  • People who already have a shared ownership property and want to move

At the end of the lease, the leaseholder can arrange an extension with their housing provider. Studhalter recommends engaging a lawyer who has expert experience in this area.

Foundation Aline holds a firm place in Alexander Studhalter’s heart

The successful philanthropist has participated in many charitable projects. However, in 2019, Studhalter suffered a hard setback with the death of his wife, Aline Studhalter, who was also his business partner.

In honor of his late wife, Alexander Studhalter and his two sons have founded the non-profit organization Foundation Aline, which supports a food bank in Senegal, a hearing implant for a two-year-old child, and mother-child aid in Switzerland, among other projects. Foundation Aline accepts applications from both private individuals and organizations.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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