Tuesday, May 28, 2024

PR Fire Unveils the Top 7 Reasons Why Journalists Ditch Press Releases… And How to Win them Over

Press release distribution company PR Fire has revealed its guide to winning over journalists and stopping press releases from being spiked.

The company, which is one of the most established distribution companies in the world with teams of journalists and PR specialists in both the US and the UK, has issued its Top 7 Reasons Why A Press Release Did Not Make the Cut as part of a series of guides to help businesses maximise their PR efforts.

  1. Timing

Journalists on a big deadline or covering breaking news stories may miss other press releases.

  1. Lack of newsworthiness

PR Fire uses its guide to explain how identifying a genuine news angle is critical to getting coverage.

  1. Poorly Crafted Press Release

The guide shows the importance of a well written release to capture the attention of journalists.

  1. Bad imagery

Poor photography may not be the main reason why stories are binned by journalists, but having a strong accompanying image can help capture the attention of a story.

  1. Too Advertorial

Too many companies are too focused on how they want to tell the story and as a result will create what is effectively an advertorial – many pages of promotional material. The PR Fire guide helps to explain why it is important to avoid this.

  1. Lack of information

The guide also helps businesses to understand what information needs to be included in a press release – clear and concise, but informative and thorough.

  1. Jargon

It is really common for businesses to write press releases using complicated and technical language and jargon and the guide helps businesses to understand why they need to steer clear of this if they want any chance of getting coverage.

Click here to read PR Fire’s full guide.

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