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Lauren Gumport: Meet the Woman Making Travel Insurance Cool

In today’s experience-oriented world, travel has become an essential part of our lives. Be it for leisure, work, or adventure, people are constantly exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.

However, with all its excitement and glamor, travel can also bring unexpected challenges and risks. Enter Lauren Gumport, Vice President of Communications and Brand at Faye Travel Insurance, a groundbreaking travel insurtech that is turning heads in the industry.

Faye is not your ordinary travel insurance provider. The company focuses on making travel insurance a stylish and essential accessory for modern travelers by integrating innovative technology, easy-to-understand comprehensive protection and outstanding customer service with sleek design and branding.

Experience In the Industry

Lauren Gumport, a seasoned traveler herself, notes the glaring gap in the travel insurance market. Incumbent legacy providers offer complicated policies and have yet to evolve much when it comes to proactive customer support and digitizing their products in areas like claims processing and reimbursements. Sensing an opportunity to revolutionize the industry, Faye took matters into their own hands.

“Traveling is nerve-wracking, and we understand that,” Gumport said. “When travelers are stressed, they can’t possibly enjoy their trip. That’s where Faye steps in. We’re not just here for you to buy a policy and forget about us. Faye travelers download our app to get real-time itinerary alerts, the best apps to use in-destination, and the ability to contact our support team 24/7 via our chat function. We not only take care of their worries while they travel, we make it simple to smooth out any bumps that may arise when away from home.”

What sets Faye apart from other travel insurance companies is its relentless dedication to customer satisfaction. By leveraging cutting-edge digital tools and a user-friendly website and app, Faye simplifies the process of purchasing insurance, making it easier for travelers to secure comprehensive coverage in just a few clicks — not to mention, the company proactively tells consumers when they qualify for a reimbursement.

“If your flight is delayed for six-plus hours, and you’re stuck waiting at the airport, you qualify for $200 simply for the inconvenience,” said Gumport. “Faye can send those funds directly to your secure digital debit card, Faye Wallet, in the Faye app. From there, travelers can add it to their Apple or Google Wallet to access the funds immediately and use it for a meal at the airport, rather than spending out of pocket on dinner.”

Moreover, Faye offers its clients real-time assistance. Should any issue arise during their travels — from sudden illness to flight or activity cancellations — clients can connect with Faye’s expert consultants who are available 24/7 to provide swift solutions. Gumport emphasizes that these are real humans — not bots — that you can reach via email, phone, WhatsApp and the app’s chat function.

Traveling With Faye

As someone that travels with Faye multiple times a year, Gumport notes that the travel protection has done wonders for her firsthand. Recently in Greece, the Faye app notified her that her flight home was delayed by over an hour even before the airline or on the ground flight staff did. While everyone got up prematurely to wait in line to board, only to be told to sit down after standing too long, she went to get lunch.

“My family and I are essentially Faye super users, which makes it easier to do my job, promote the brand, and identify areas in which we can do more to elevate travelers’ adventures,” noted Gumport. “We launched over a year and some change ago, and I’ve already traveled with Faye six times. My parents, I think, have me beat at eight times.”

But it’s not just about convenience. The foundation of Faye’s success lies in crafting personalized plans tailored to each traveler’s unique needs and preferences. Just about anywhere in the world, if a flight has been canceled, a bag is lost, or a traveler has a medical emergency, Faye steps in.

And the company enables users to customize their base policies with add-ons that could be relevant to their trips, from Extreme Sports to Vacation Rental Damage Protection to Rental Car Care. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer or a meticulous business traveler, Faye has you covered every step of the way.

What Makes Faye the Right Choice?

There’s never a one-size-fits-all way to choose what insurance provider is right for you or your family, especially in such a complicated area as travel insurance. However, Faye has set itself apart in several different ways, including the ones named above.

Here are outlined some of the reasons why Faye is head and shoulders above their competition:

  1. Personalized, Digestible Coverage: Faye believes that every traveler is unique and deserves an insurance plan tailored to their specific needs. That’s why they offer fully customized coverage that’s actually easy to understand, meaning you only pay for the protection you need rather than over-insuring yourself.
  1. 24/7 Multilingual Support: There’s nothing worse than being in an unfamiliar place and needing help, only to find that language barriers compound your problems. With Faye’s 24/7 multilingual support team, you can relax knowing that assistance is just a phone call away, regardless of where you are.
  1. Rapid Claims Processing and Reimbursements: Should an unfortunate event occur while you’re traveling, Faye’s streamlined claims process — in which travelers can file a claim in-app in mere minutes — ensures that you receive a quick resolution. This means you can get back to enjoying your trip instead of being bogged down by endless paperwork and frustrating delays, and you don’t need to wait until after your trip to file a claim.
  1. Advanced Technology Integration: Faye prides itself on its innovative use of technology, which translates into a seamless experience for customers. From an easy-to-navigate website to a cutting-edge mobile app, managing your insurance has never been easier or more efficient.
  1. Global Network: Through its partnerships with leading healthcare providers and emergency assistance services worldwide, Faye guarantees top-notch care worldwide.
  1. Seasoned Team of Experts: Faye may be the modern new kid on the insurance block, but the team is not new to travel or insurance. Their VP of Claims, Jeff Rolander, hails from Allianz, their VP of Growth, Moran Treiser, was previously at insurtech Lemonade, and Faye’s VP of Product, Doron Samish, came from mobility app Via. Gumport herself has a travel tech background, joining Faye after a significant time at property management platform, Guesty.

In a market dominated by traditional players, Faye is truly disrupting the industry with its tech-driven approach, personalized plans, and exceptional customer service. Faye is making something as mundane as buying travel insurance not just sexier, but also a seamless and enjoyable experience for travelers around the globe.

“No matter what issues you run into, Faye will be there to help as your biggest champion and protector.” Gumport said. “We’re tremendously proud of the platform we’ve brought to our customers and are excited to continue to redefine and reshape this ecosystem.”

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