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B2BinPay Announces Enterprise And Merchant Accounts Merge In The v18 Release

B2BinPay, a company famous for its ongoing dedication to excellence and technology, introduced the updated platform with the v18 release. The primary update is a unified account system that combines Merchant and Enterprise models, offering the clients simple and efficient management of crypto transactions. 

Though we saw the landmark v17 release not long ago, the new version offers many new options and functionality updates, such as a completely redesigned interface and increased regulatory adherence.

Let’s find out what a new release of the B2BinPay platform offers to its customers.

Major Account Unification

B2BinPay’s v18 release introduces account unification, or Merge, a new approach to service delivery. The platform merges two business models (Merchant and Enterprise) into a single account, offering a user-friendly interface and allowing clients to adjust functionalities to their unique requirements. This innovation simplifies operations and gives clients control over their transactions. Among the benefits of this fusion are improved efficiency and user experience, as well as simplified account structure and improved onboarding process. Let’s explore these in more detail.

Simplified Account Structure

The account structure has been updated to eliminate the division between Merchant and Enterprise users, allowing a single account to access both wallet types’ functionalities. This step simplifies the registration process and allows clients to join the platform without needing to navigate detailed information about each wallet type.

Improved Client Onboarding

The onboarding process is now a one-time, straightforward, fee-based process. After the onboarding completion, clients can choose and transition between wallet services according to their growing business needs without additional costs or complex administrative processes. This straightforward approach respects clients’ time and supports their growth.

Redesigned Front-End

The B2Broker family’s aesthetic finds its reflection in the interface redesign of the v18 release. However, the new front-end is more than just a nice image: along with the improved user experience, it offers the increased system’s speed and security while keeping the core features intact to facilitate the transition to the updated version and make it smooth and natural. 

Let’s see which areas have been completely renovated:

Rates Interface

The Rates UX now has improved favourites and filtering capabilities. Also, you will no longer find the Rates section in the Wallets menu since it has been relocated to a top-level menu. This change was made to simplify access and improve efficiency when clients manage currency rates.

Invoice Management

With the v18 upgrades, clients have more control over their assets and invoice timelines. This improvement was achieved by removing the 7-day limit on merchant invoice expiration, allowing clients to customise invoice timing and providing them with the flexibility necessary to comply with their business processes.

Wallets And Transfers Pages Design

The redesign of the Wallets and Transfers pages has streamlined all the financial operations on these pages and significantly reduced load time and clicks. Similar upgrades have been made to the interfaces of the  Payouts, Exchanges, and Bank Withdrawals pages, contributing to more efficient process management, thus saving users’ time.

Account Menu Renovation

The account management interface has been enhanced to provide you with a more user-friendly experience and ensure the security of your information. With the new Account Menu, you can easily adjust your preferences, manage API permissions, and personalise your profile.  Furthermore, 2FA adds an extra layer of protection for security purposes. 

The Payment Page has undergone a transformation to enhance its appearance, user-friendliness, and security features. 

Helpdesk Upgrade

The Helpdesk UX has been greatly enhanced to offer easier access to multilingual support with a clearly outlined schedule. Plus, with new sticker notifications for incoming messages, staying up-to-date and responding is easier than ever.

FATF Travel Rule Compliance

Another significant change of the v18 release is the integration of Notabene, a Travel Rule solution provider. This step is crucial for maintaining the highest regulatory compliance and transparency standards in all B2BinPay’s operations and ensuring adherence to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Travel Rule requirements.

The FATF Travel Rule regulates cryptocurrency operations and requires the collecting and sharing of personal information in digital currency transfers. Thus, the FATF standard ensures crypto transactions’ safety and prevents money laundering and other fraudulent activities. 

According to the FATF’s requirements, all Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) must provide specific information about the crypto funds transfer participants. Being a VASP, B2BinPay meets this requirement by integrating the Travel Rule solution provider and enabling the detection of suspicious activities.

Final Remarks

B2BinPay, a top cryptocurrency payment provider, has released version 18 to enhance its platform’s security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for businesses,  showcasing its commitment to reliable and user-friendly payment processing solutions. The company continues innovation and promises many powerful upgrades in the future.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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