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Essential Tips for Designing Custom Running Shirts That Enhance Performance

While a wearing custom running shirt is primarily a fashion statement, it can also play an important role in improving an athlete’s performance. If you are a company that sponsors or holds charity events that include running or other sports, you should consider ordering custom running shirts that not only have great looks but also improve the athletes’ performance.

Below are some of the top essential tips to consider when creating custom running shirts that enhance performance:

Choose fabrics that promote better performance and comfort

One of the most crucial factors when designing running shirts is the choice of fabric. This choice determines how comfortable the running shirt is and whether it even improves performance. It is crucial to choose moisture-wicking materials, such as polyester or blends with spandex. The good thing with these fabrics is that they efficiently absorb moisture from the skin, helping runners to remain dry and comfortable.

In addition to the ability of a fabric to draw moisture, consider if the material is lightweight and breathable to allow for better airflow, preventing overheating as athletes engage in intense workouts. Also, ensure the stitching is good quality; for example, seamless or flatlock stitching minimises chafing, leading to a smoother, more comfortable running experience, especially during long runs.

Focus on ergonomic design

As you get the custom running shirt designed, it is crucial to ensure that it allows for natural movement of the body. The Charity Clothing Company and other reputable apparel makers, especially of sportswear, know how to use ergonomic design principles so that the running shirt allows a full range of motion with no restrictions.

One way to design a custom running shirt ergonomically is to have raglan sleeves or articulated seams to allow for better arm movement, minimising friction and enhancing comfort. It is vital to avoid excessive seams or tags that could irritate, especially when the athletes wear the shirts for an extended period. The shirt should also be properly fitting because a properly fitting top that moves with the body not only improves performance but also prevents discomfort.

Add strategic ventilation and temperature regulation

It is crucial to have effective temperature regulation in running apparel. The manufacturers can integrate strategic ventilation zones into the running vests or shirt designs, especially in the areas affected by excessive sweating, such as the back and the underarms. For example, having mesh panels or perforations in these areas enhances airflow, helping in moisture management and body cooling. Also, consider reflective elements in the design as they can act as ventilation points, improving visibility in low-light conditions.

Ensure that customisation does not compromise performance

When designing a custom running shirt, it is crucial to ensure design customisations that complement the features that enhance performance but do not hinder them. For instance, during the choice of printing or embroidery methods for incorporating logos, text, graphics, and such customisations, you should ensure they don’t affect the fabric’s breathability and flexibility.

When designing custom running shirts, you must combine functionality and aesthetics to ensure the shirts enhance the athletes’ performance. Some tips to help you have a performance-enhancing running shirt include careful fabric choice, designing the shorts ergonomically, having strategic ventilation, and carefully customising the shorts to avoid compromising the performance-enhancing features.

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