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B2Core Promotes Updated CRM Interface in its Version 4 Release

The next-generation Forex CRM and back-office software, B2Core, is launching its latest upgrade, v4. The update introduces comprehensive enhancements to the front-end, UI, trading features, wallet management, and beyond, each contributing to an enriched user interaction. Let’s go through the update in more depth.

Efficient Dashboard UI

The B2Core Dashboard has been updated, presenting a more streamlined and personalised command centre. The inclusion of the new left bar in B2Core version 4 empowers users with enhanced authority over their dashboard configuration. Incorporating customisable widgets, users can seamlessly access links, showcase trading account details, exhibit banners, and tailor the layout to suit diverse preferences.

This transformation makes the Dashboard a dynamic and interactive zone, ideally suited for real-time monitoring of financial activities and effortless navigation within the platform.

Component-Based Architecture

The most recent version of B2Core introduces a front-end architecture grounded in a component-based framework. This strategic shift streamlines the development process by consolidating interface components.

These components, established as standard building blocks for the user interface, undergo independent testing and verification. Through their systematic reuse, the interface can be updated and enhanced expeditiously, maintaining a high standard of quality.

This methodology diminishes the necessity for frequent code reassessments. For users engaging with B2Core CRM, this means a more efficient, dependable platform capable of adapting and growing with heightened efficiency.

Wallet Management & Funds Handling

In the part of wallet and funds Management, a groundbreaking shift occurs with the incorporation of a new right bar in the Wallet section, activated by a straightforward click on a wallet. This innovation transforms how users engage with various transaction types and peruse recent activities.

The Transaction Operations Module, now enriched, encompasses a wide array of functionalities, including deposit, withdrawal, internal withdrawal (found within the withdraw page), transfer, and exchange options.

The Transactions History segment undergoes a restructuring, enabling users to expand each transaction row to access details and categorise transactions under specific tabs for effortless navigation.

Cutting-Edge Trading Ecosystem

The impending debut of the B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP) within B2Core promises an advanced and user-friendly trading experience.

The integration of B2BinPay, a flagship product ensuring secure and efficient transaction processing, further elevates the capabilities of B2Core.

In conjunction, B2Broker’s liquidity solutions provide comprehensive support, spanning over 1000 instruments and addressing everything from platform setup to risk management.

This all-encompassing ecosystem is designed to deliver top-tier services and convenience at every stage, upgrading users’ experience to unprecedented heights.

Centralised & Secure Profile Administration

The Profile section of B2Core v4 witnesses notable transformations, now conveniently situated in the header for swift accessibility. It seamlessly combines user settings, a resilient security module, and efficient verification processes.

The updated Presets page, dedicated to saving withdrawal details, is redesigned to enhance navigational ease.

In tandem with these enhancements, both the Sign-in and Sign-up processes undergo refinement, emphasising security and user-friendliness to ensure a more seamless and intuitive entry into the platform.

What Else is Changed in B2Core v4?

B2Core v4 introduces a multitude of additional UI enhancements, augmenting both user experience and operational efficiency:

  • Empowering Introducing Brokers (IBs) through an IB Dashboard and Reports featuring enhanced filtering, Banners, and Promo sections facilitates improved operational control and insights.
  • Enhanced Helpdesk functionality, including improved chat features, visualisation support, and UX enhancements for ticket management, contributes to a more intuitive user support experience.
  • Streamlined Mobile Integration and User Onboarding, featuring a unique QR code in the mobile app for a seamless desktop-mobile transition and an Onboarding feature on each page, accelerates users’ adaptation to new functionalities.
  • Refined Bonus Management, separating the Bonuses page into distinct bonus programs and active subscriptions, accompanied by filtering options, enhances clarity.
  • Interface Flexibility, providing users with a unique UI option to switch between the new and old interfaces effortlessly, tailors their experience to individual preferences.

Concluding Remarks

Coming right after the recent integration of cTrader into the B2Core iOS app, the release of v4 marks another pivotal evolution in user experience with CRM.

This update signifies a profound transformation of their platform’s front end, emphasising aesthetics and enhancing interaction to be more intuitive, efficient, and dynamic for users.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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