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It All Adds Up: Dom Littlewood Heads Government Campaign to Help Homes Find Energy Savings

Consumer champion Dom Littlewood has teamed up with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) for the ongoing ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign. Supported by partners such as home improvement retailer B&Q, this campaign aims to help UK homes to find low and no-cost ways to make their homes more energy-efficient to reduce energy bills.

Homes Looking for Heating Efficiencies

The latest DESNZ Public Attitudes Tracker revealed that 82% of people said they were paying attention to the amount of heat used in their home last winter, and of those 73% said they did so to minimise their heating bills.

Research shows HALF of Brits (50%) would like to know more about the most effective ways to reduce energy use in their home. 

In the newly released campaign advice film, Dom Littlewood joins forces with the energy expert from B&Q to visit residents of the appropriately named Energy Street, to address their energy concerns and offer tailored solutions to suite every home.

The film showcases a range of low or no-cost actions that households can take to reduce their energy usage, with potential annual savings adding up to significant amounts. The measures implemented in the Energy Street homes include:

  • Reducing combi-flow boiler temperature – to improve boiler efficiency and save up to £70 annually
  • Insulating a hot water cylinder – to stop heat loss which could save up to £50 annually
  • Making the switch to an aerated showerhead – to reduce hot water consumption which could save up to £40 annually
  • Turning the washing machine temperature down to 30ºC – for effective cleaning at cooler temperatures which could save up to £20

Top Tips to Save Big

The success of the campaign is evident in the experiences of Energy Street residents, who were able to achieve combined savings of up to £180 per year by implementing just four simple energy-saving actions.

In addition to the featured measures, the campaign highlights a variety of other energy-saving tactics, including finding and fixing draughts, installing smart thermostats, turning down radiators in unused rooms, using tumble dryers less frequently, and switching off appliances at the socket when not in use. Each tip comes with its own potential annual savings, illustrating how small changes can lead to substantial financial benefits over time and further information can be found via Help For Households website.

One resident, Chris, emphasized the importance of finding ways to keep costs down without compromising comfort, he said: My wife Sam’s arthritis means keeping her warm and comfortable is always a priority for me, but it can be quite costly. I am always keen to find ways to save money on my bills and it was so helpful learning some other easy tips to keep the costs down whilst not compromising on comfort.”

Dom Littlewood shared his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “It’s great to have met the amazing residents of Energy Street and to have been able to help them take steps to make their homes more energy-efficient. I saw firsthand how simple changes around our houses, will easily save a few bob here and there, all adding up to some impressive savings. Small changes can truly make a big difference!

Minister for Affordability and Skills Amanda Solloway echoed Dom Littlewood’s sentiment, emphasizing the government’s commitment to helping families reduce their energy bills and urging households to take advantage of available support.

Minister for Affordability and Skills Amanda Solloway, at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero said:

“Keeping costs down for all is our top priority and last year our energy saving tips helped families save up to £120 million on bills.

 “That’s why we’ve partnered with Dom Littlewood to spread the word on how to heat your home for less – and there is no better place to do this than on Energy Street itself.

 “This is just one of the ways we’re helping those most in need and I urge these households to make sure they are getting the support they are entitled to.”

Commenting on the partnership and ‘It All Adds Up’ campaign, Chris Bargate, Strategy and Development Director at B&Q said, “We’re very supportive of campaigns like ‘It All Adds Up’ which empower families to make small changes in their homes to save energy, cut costs and stay cosy at home in the chillier months. Here at B&Q, we’re committed to helping our customers to control and reduce energy use, as well as to prevent heat loss in their homes. As well as offering hundreds of products, customers can also use our Energy Saving Service via to get personalised advice to help them identify what their home needs to be more energy efficient.”

With partners such as B&Q, B&M Retail, and, DESNZ is working to offer additional tips and advice to households across the UK, with the goal of creating a nation of energy-savvy homes.

For those looking to make simple switches and cut costs on their energy bills, resources and information are available at GOV.UK/SaveEnergy. With practical guidance and support, households can take meaningful steps towards greater energy efficiency and financial savings this winter and beyond.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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