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The Transformative Impact of AI and Cookieless Solutions on Digital Advertising

The digital advertising landscape is undergoing a significant transformation with the rise of AI and cookieless solutions. In response to Google’s decision to block third-party cookies for millions of Chrome users and the constraints posed by reduced marketing budgets amid the cost-of-living crisis, marketers are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence and cookieless strategies. Notably, Crimtan, a prominent expert in cookieless solutions and programmatic advertising, is offering essential guidance on navigating this dynamic terrain and optimising cost savings.

There is a common misconception that AI consumes excessive processing power; however, AI not only minimises power consumption but significantly enhances efficiency in the long term. AI considers regional and channel-specific nuances, optimises personalised inputs such as geolocation and domains and reduces load times by 80%, a daily decrease of 40 kilograms of CO2 emissions. Not only does this showcase the potential for AI to create a sustainable and environmentally conscious advertising landscape, but this also ensures that resources are utilised more efficiently, reducing wasted efforts and associated costs.

The marketing industry also faces new challenges with Google’s decision to block third-party cookies.  As Google progresses toward eliminating cookies on all platforms by the end of 2024, reliance on cookies has become increasingly unsustainable. Marketers, constrained by reduced budgets, may find it challenging to target new customers in familiar ways.

Despite this, marketers can easily adapt to the cookieless world by investing in cookie-free campaigns that integrate with existing marketing efforts. With cookies starting to be turned off, now is the perfect opportunity to navigate this new landscape and collaborate with a specialist cookieless marketing partner, like Crimtan, who can assist with creating a marketing strategy to ensure campaign performance remains strong, while reducing dependency on cookies.

Andy Houstoun, Chief Commercial Officer at Crimtan, said: “The world of advertising is going to change beyond all recognition in 2024 with the final goodbye to third party cookies. But this is not a new challenge. Since Apple’s ITP in 2017, we have been finessing our connected cookieless platform for efficient planning, activation and measurement. And at Crimtan we can provide essential guidance for navigating these challenges.

“With AI optimising efficiency and cookieless strategies unlocking new possibilities, we envision a sustainable future where innovation and adaptability lead the way in digital advertising. The emphasis on sustainable and efficient practices not only aligns with our vision but directly contributes to businesses’ return on investment.”

AI and cookieless solutions should start being integrated into day-to-day marketing strategies to navigate the future, save costs, and lead the way in creating a sustainable, efficient, and environmentally conscious advertising landscape.

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Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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