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Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın: Pioneering Future Spinal Care with Microdiscectomy and Spinal Canal Stenosis Techniques

Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın is at the helm of transformative advancements in spinal health, offering top-tier medical care and pioneering developments in back pain treatment with his extensive surgical expertise and committed approach to spinal health.

With a formidable history of conducting over 2800 aneurysm treatments and upwards of 400 AVM interventions, Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın is distinguished by his personalized approach to healthcare, ensuring the highest levels of patient satisfaction and well-being throughout the treatment process.

Aydın’s Spinal Technique Breakthrough

The Aydın Spinal Technique, conceived by Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın, marks a landmark in spinal surgery, offering specialized treatments for spinal stenosis and spinal cord compression that forego the use of metal, thus significantly reducing tissue injury. The technique encompasses outpatient procedures for disc herniations, non-surgical alternatives for cervical disc herniation, and effective methods for treating spinal canal stenosis caused by cervical calcification.

Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın’s technique of a unilateral approach for bilateral decompression in spinal stenosis has been effectively utilized in over 4,000 instances over the past two decades. “Our goal is to preserve the natural structure and mobility of the spine while providing more room to squeezed spinal nerves,” he states. He addresses the prevalence of spinal stenosis in the aging population and the conventional surgical inclination towards instrumented methods, which involve lengthy and invasive operations, thus prolonging the patient’s recovery period. He advocates for briefer, less invasive surgeries for the elderly to reduce post-operative complications, highlighting the importance of early post-operative ambulation.

“By using a unilateral approach, on the symptomatic side, we can decompress the spinal canal stenosis and clean disc herniations effectively, minimizing the risk of ‘Adjacent Segment Disease’ and ensuring a faster return to normal life for our patients.” Additionally, this approach is adaptable for addressing multi-level stenosis through a single incision, without compromising the spine’s ability to support weight.

Establishing a Natural Access on the Spinal Side

In the treatment of spinal stenosis, Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın employs a pioneering technique that sidesteps the complications typical of conventional screw and rod systems. Though these methods are reliable for managing traumatic fractures or spinal conditions resulting from tumour growth, they can alter the spine’s natural biomechanics, potentially leading to further surgeries.

With a wealth of experience from over 10,000 surgical procedures, Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın’s approach involves crafting a natural access on one side of the spine for performing the requisite surgeries without jeopardizing spinal stability. This method ensures the preservation of joint function and prevents the occurrence of adjacent segment disease, with most patients being discharged within a day following their spinal surgery.

Swift Recovery Through Less Invasive Practices

“The key to successful spinal surgery lies in respecting the integrity of the spine’s supporting structures,” Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın emphasizes. Utilizing modern surgical equipment such as the high-speed drill and Kairison bone cutter, these operations can be performed in a manner that is less invasive, reduces haemorrhage, and boosts efficiency. Furthermore, by maintaining the integrity of the yellow ligament in microdiscectomy, the procedure minimizes tissue damage, thus decreasing the likelihood of nerve adhesions and the risk of failed back surgery syndrome.

Patients benefiting from these state-of-the-art spinal surgeries can anticipate considerably reduced hospitalization times, with a significant number being discharged on the same or following day of surgery. The vast majority of patients are able to resume their everyday activities within 15 days, testament to the minimally invasive nature of these surgical interventions.

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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