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Ortac International Accounting Strengthens UK to UAE Business Links with New Dubai Office

As the UAE becomes an even more attractive destination for foreign investment, British interest in relocating has surged by 420% in the last five years. Ortac International Accounting has responded by opening a new office in Dubai to help facilitate company setups in the region.

Recognising the increased interest from British nationals, Ortac International Accounting has launched a new office in Dubai, aimed at aiding individuals from the UK and other countries in setting up their companies. The rise in British relocations, especially the 45% increase in 2023, underscores the importance of this new office.

Murat Ortac, the Founding Partner, highlighted the benefits of Dubai for foreign investors, citing its “flexible procedures and favorable tax advantages” as key factors that make Dubai an enticing option for business professionals.

With over 240 thousand British expatriates residing in Dubai and approximately 5 thousand British companies operating in the UAE, Dubai stands as an increasingly important destination for international business ventures.
Ortac International Accounting offers efficient and seamless company establishment services in Dubai, leveraging its expertise and strategic partnerships. As the authorized professional partner of IFZA, Dubai’s premier free zone, Ortac ensures swift completion of company establishment procedures and banking formalities within just 7 working days, along with the provision of a two-year investor visa.
“The corporate tax rate and the tax system in general are important for business people who plan to establish a company in foreign markets. With its 9% rate, the UAE is almost at the top among the countries with the lowest corporate tax in the world. With the law enacted at the beginning of 2024, it became mandatory to work with an accounting company. With our 27 years of experience in accounting, we are now serving in Dubai,” Murat Ortac said.
Dubai’s competitive edge is its low tax rate and enviable expat lifestyle 
Dubai’s status as a global trade hub is underscored by its investor-friendly policies, including tax exemptions and a zero percent personal income tax. Its removal from the grey list in February 2024 further bolsters its appeal, enhancing operational ease for foreign entities and facilitating global business expansion. Dubai serves as a pivotal gateway connecting East and West, offering entrepreneurs access to investment opportunities in Asia as well.
Positioned as a nexus between continents, Dubai boasts world-class infrastructure and connectivity, facilitating seamless access to international markets. Its strategic location and advanced logistics infrastructure make it particularly attractive to companies operating in Consulting, IT, technology, software, blockchain, trade, logistics, and finance sectors.
Ortac International Accounting helps clients navigate complexity
Murat Ortac comments, “We recommend those who want to establish a company in Dubai to work with an expert business partner like Ortac International Accounting instead of surfing general information on the internet. Choosing an expert partner will save clients both time and cost.”
Navigating the complexities of international trade laws demands specialized expertise. Ortac International Accounting, with its comprehensive knowledge and experience spanning over 27 years, ensures efficient business expansion and compliance with local regulations. Collaborating with local stakeholders and authorities, Ortac minimizes bureaucratic hurdles, enabling swift realization of expansion goals.
Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
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