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Capture Attention with Stunning Custom Banners

When attempting to get a message out to an unfamiliar audience, grabbing the attention of these people is extremely important. Individuals do not give their time away cheaply; hence, finding an effective means to reach this audience might be the first step in creating a successful brand.

Banners have proven one such means to captivate new customers, especially when made at HelloPrint. A good banner would not just capture the attention of readers but would also leave a memory of your message after just one glance.

Here are some effective tips on how to design eye-catching custom banners bound to awaken the interest of potential customers:

Create a captivating point of interest

According to the BBC, on average, humans have an attention span of 8 seconds. This piece of information is of unequivocal importance when considering how to approach designing your banner. The point of interest is the first place a person would see when they look at your banner. You have only a few seconds to entice your viewer; ensuring the point of interest is stunning enough cannot be overstated.

Make sure to approach friends or colleagues with your design to identify the point of interest and perfect how it looks.

Use large and legible fonts

Font style and size also influence how your banner is viewed. Ensure to use easy-to-read fonts that will not trouble the viewer as they attempt to go through your banner. Use arial, futura, open sans, or other sans-serif fonts that would be easy on the eye of the viewer.

As for font size, the idea is to captivate the reader, so make it as large and readable as possible. You want to do this without drowning out the entire banner, so keep it in a good ratio to the banner itself.

Make it easy to read

Except on a handful of occasions, you would have only a couple seconds to pass across your message. There is no need to go for complicated or bulky texts; keep it simple.

Keep the wording short but memorable; the important thing is passing along the core idea. Include your brand logo and brand tagline.

If you are selling a product instead of marketing a brand, the rules don’t change. Captivate a new audience with simple words like 15% off or two for the price of one that convinces instead of confusing them.

Show, don’t tell

There is a lot of information you most likely want to pass along with this banner. An image can send a thousand messages without using a single word. Selecting the right image to use on your banner is extremely important, as it not only passes along a message but is also tasked with captivating the mind of the viewer.

One criterion in selecting the right image that cannot be overlooked is the quality of the image. Research has shown your image should be shown at a high resolution rate. High-definition images would increase the attention your banner would get and keep eyes on it for longer periods of time.

Whether you are marketing your brand or selling a product, quality images describe what you are putting out to the audience without oversaturating their minds with information.

Choose the right colours

Selecting suitable colours might seem easy, but it can prove a daunting task. The colours you are going to go with must look good with the image and text you have selected and also be an ideal representation of your brand. Before selecting a colour for your banner, there must be a clear idea of your brand image and the colours that go with it.

Research has shown that coloured ads attract up to 42% of readers in comparison to non-colored ads. This proves the importance of adding the right colours to your banner campaign.

Ensure to use contrasting colours as they add an extra touch and keep the reader’s mind occupied. Colours like black and white, red and black, and black and yellow keep the viewer interested as they go through your banner.

Understand the banner’s position

Knowledge of how your banner is going to be placed is pivotal to how it will do in terms of attracting potential customers. Be it displayed on a window, hung on a sign board, or displayed right outside the business or store, understanding where it is going to be placed is key to deciding the font size and image resolution.

Another key factor in the banner’s position is the distance between potential customers and the banner. Will the banner be at the viewer’s eye level or a distance above their head? It is important to consider this before deciding on a font type and size.

Ensure adequate lighting

A good banner should be visible, as it is visibly pleasing. After considering the banner’s position, the decision on whether or not the banner is going to be lit up should be made. In situations where this banner would have poor natural lighting, it is advised that small attachable lights be added to the banner. This is especially important when the banner is to be displayed in halls with poor lighting or at parties or events scheduled at night.

Call to action

The full effect of a stunning custom banner can only be seen when it comes with a suitable call to action. Attend this event or buy this product; this banner, in a few short words, should give direction on what should be done. Don’t forget to add important contact details or prices to boost interaction or sales.


Captivating a new audience is never easy. Using vibrant imagery, simple but compelling writing, and a contrasting colour scheme, banners can be the best tool to attract that audience. If done right, custom banners have the potential to capture the attention of customers and drive sales on an upward trajectory.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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