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B2Trader v1.1 Upgrade: BBP Prime, Customisable Templates, Enhanced Reports, and iOS Support

B2Broker announces that its B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP)—a comprehensive crypto spot brokerage solution—has been updated to version 1.1. The update includes BBP Prime, an extended report feature, and customisable layout templates. Additionally, B2Trader now features a dedicated BBP iOS mobile application integrated with the B2Core CRM and a native trading interface for iPhone users.

What’s new With BBP v1.1 Update?

Version 1.1 of B2Trader has several innovative features intended to help customers and improve the trading experience for their end users.

Prime Brokerage Platform – BBP Prime

BBP can now function as a prime brokerage platform for other B2Trader brokerage platforms thanks to the new functionality it is releasing with this update. In turn, linked platforms will monitor and supervise balances on LPs’ associated accounts by topping up and maintaining their balances on BBP Prime.

BBP Prime’s responsibilities include monitoring brokers’ account balances, processing incoming orders, transmitting them to LPs/B2Connect, and managing trades. The custom FIX gateway facilitates data interchange.

New Template Constructor for Admins

The new version adds flexible and convenient workspace customisation for BBP admins. Brokers are now equipped to personalise templates for workspace layouts, including the default preset that will launch automatically when a trader accesses the Trading terminal for the first time. Administrators can save up to 10 custom setups, import pre-saved layouts, and export their unique template settings.

The Settings section of the menu on the left simplifies access to this new option.

Enhanced Reports to Keep Admins in the Loop

The latest version expands the reports system on the B2Trader platform to give brokers a comprehensive understanding of everything going on on the platform. Specifically, a new report type has been added that enables admins to obtain a list of active accounts for a specified period. Reports of this type can be a valuable tool for administrators, helping assess the growth of an exchange or brokerage. 

The revised B2Trader stores all of the reports in a new Report button to facilitate report generation.

Better Account Management for Traders

In B2Trader 1.1, account selection is available directly from the Trading terminal in the top bar. Once a trader switches profiles, all the widgets will automatically adjust to display relevant information for the selected account. Those who oversee several accounts will find this feature extremely helpful as it makes it easier for them to track their performance.

Powerful Workspace Management with Tabs

The latest terminal update introduces tabs with customisable workspaces, allowing traders to open up to 10 tabs and manage multiple trading environments simultaneously. Users can create their own unique settings or use pre-configured layouts that brokers provide. This feature streamlines end users’ trade flow for increased efficiency by modifying how it is organised.

New BBP iOS App — Expanding the Turnkey Package

Mobile trading has been on a steady rise, with 58% of revenue share in the global trading markets in 2022 coming from mobile platforms alone. This trend is expected to continue as the sector is projected to reach $150 billion by 2032 from $39.8 billion in 2023. 

There are 6.8 billion smartphone users globally, and they are becoming essential to trading operations. For this reason, modern brokers must have a mobile-specific version of their trading platform to stay competitive in the market.

Following this trend, B2Broker released the BBP iOS app, version 1.0, which includes all desktop trading features for the best possible mobile experience. It also expanded its BBP turnkey package. Thanks to a robust web trading platform and a specialised mobile trading application, brokers can provide their clients with a comprehensive trading package. Here are some key highlights of the app:

Smooth Authentication with B2Core

The BBP iOS application is tightly integrated with the mobile version of the B2Core CRM, providing single sign-on capabilities. Users do not need to reenter their credentials to use the BBP iOS app once logged into the B2Core mobile application.

Simple Access to Balance Data and Account Management

Multi-account functionality is a crucial feature of the B2Trader platform. With the BBP iOS app, traders can switch accounts and start trading from any of them immediately. The Account Details section of the app gives traders a quick glimpse of their balance by clearly outlining the available funds and those on hold for each account.

Flexible Market Screen and Comprehensive Orders

The app features a convenient market screen with an intuitive trading interface, accessible via the Markets button on the account details screen. In addition to seeing configurable real-time charts, users may access historical price data and switch between candle and line charts. The screen includes three tabs for quick access to trading and account information: Order Book, Open Orders, and Balances.

Regarding order types, the app supports the same options as the web version: IOC and FOK for market orders and IOC, FOK, GTC, GTD and Day for limit orders. The Orders section is comprehensive, containing information on order types, prices, quantities, and execution times, while advanced filters help traders efficiently find specific orders, streamlining order management.

Customisation and Themes

The B2Trader iOS mobile app, part of the turnkey solution, empowers brokers to personalise the platform’s colours and themes to align with their web design and branding, ensuring a consistent user experience across web and mobile trading platforms. The programme also offers light and dark themes so traders can select their settings for the best viewing and trading experience.


For B2Broker and its clients, the launch of the B2Trader Brokerage Platform update and its dedicated iOS application represents a major turning point. For cryptocurrency spot brokers wishing to enter the market or expand the range of products they provide, B2Trader is a premier trading platform. It may be linked with any CRM via REST API or purchased as a turnkey solution.

Customers are urged to test out the most recent B2Trader upgrade and get a firsthand look at its newest features. The B2Broker staff is available to provide demos and more information about their goods and services if they have any inquiries or need help.

More improvements and updates are now being developed, suggesting that more exciting releases will be forthcoming.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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