Saturday, July 13, 2024

New Investment Firm, Terra Invest, Seeks Solutions to Global Challenges by Bridging Policy and Profit

An innovative investment firm, Terra Invest, is launching today in the City of London and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Terra Invest takes a novel approach to its investment method, combining deep policy and regulatory expertise with financial acumen to solve the world’s most pressing issues such as the growing demand for clean energy, AI based solutions for financial services and healthcare distribution. Through addressing a key point of failure that is currently stifling innovation across sectors such artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain-powered financial technology and health and life sciences, Terra Invest aims to foster rapid growth and value while creating positive global impact.

Backed by several Asia based family offices, funds including Mount Row Partners, a distinguished group of financial and public policy veterans from a variety of sectors and several large family offices in the Asia Pacific (APAC) market, Terra Invest plans to build and invest in companies that can demonstrate clear growth and routes to market in a wide range of sectors and industries.

The global landscape for innovation in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain-powered financial technology and health and life sciences is thriving. Terra Invest’s focus areas align perfectly with this momentum. The UK, wider European and UAE markets boast strong regional ecosystems that prioritise the adoption of innovative, scalable data and technology-driven solutions. By investing in these sectors across these regions, Terra capitalises on a confluence of market forces: established technology hubs, emerging economies and a growing demand for innovative solutions that address global challenges.

These sectors hold immense potential to address global challenges but also require a holistic investment approach that can help prospective recipients navigate complex regulatory and geopolitical landscapes. Terra Invest brings together stakeholders across academia, policy, regulation, governance, and finance – embedding them as a cornerstone of its decision-making processes at the point of investment.

Terra Invest is centred around a deal-based model of investment and has closed transactions of USD 230 million as of today, with an ambition to scale to USD 2.5 billion by 2025.

Founding Partner at Terra Invest, Ambassador Kirk Wagar, said: “In today’s turbulent global political climate, having a geopolitical overview is crucial for global investing. Understanding the tectonic shifts in both macro and micro political changes is the foundation today to anticipate and navigate risks, understand market dynamics influenced by political events, and make informed decisions that are fundamental to protect and potentially enhance their portfolios. Today more than ever, investors must be aware of geopolitical trends in identifying opportunities and avoiding pitfalls, ensuring more resilient and strategic investment choices in an unpredictable world.”

Ankiti Bose, who also serves as a Founding Partner alongside Wagar at Terra Invest, added: “Our unique approach at Terra, ensures that our investments are not only financially sound and create value for our shareholders but also have a positive impact on the world at large.

“Our team has brought together not just capital and investing experience but advisors of companies such as Tesla, TikTok, and Binance, former politicians and litigators. This experience, combined with our founding team’s background in banking, entrepreneurship, diplomacy and public policy, makes us firm believers in Terra Invest’s mission to drive financial value and positive global impact,” Bose explained.

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