Business Loans

Whether you are expanding your current business or starting a company for the first time getting the best possible solutions in place for the financing of your business is fundamental.

Our regulated finance professionals will provide you with all the facts and figures, highlighting all the potential options from a wide range of well known and specialist lenders.

– We advise individuals, partnerships or companies

– Get advice before making purchasing and strategic decisions

– Loan applications processed with swiftly and efficiently

For UK companies or individuals looking for a business loan there are numerous options available and speaking to professionals who know every nuance of the loans marketplace takes you beyond the basic offers of high street lenders and loan comparison websites, where large commissions may be involved.

Getting access to capital is becoming easier for start-ups, small business owners, SMEs, expanding companies and larger organisations. Yet may are unaware of the evolving opportunities in the lending market.

Entrepreneurs often unnecessarily rely on personal sources of funds for business finance, such as personal savings, retirement savings or capital from relatives and friends, whereas competitively sourced loans from specialist lenders are often more suitable solutions.

Our financial services industry experts can assess each business owner’s situation and provide advice on which bank, building society or other type of lender has the cheapest money to loan. A clear picture on the loan’s annual percentage rate (APR) and additional lender’s fees in one easy-to-understand metric allows applicants to fairly compare loans.

Many businesses typically apply for credit when their books are not in perfect shape and it can be harder to get the best deal when you most need the capital. Our team of qualified advisers will work hard to get your business approved for funding, acting efficiently and rapidly.

How we work:

– Entire loan applications completed in 15 minutes or less

– Low, fixed interest rates

– You dictate terms of loan, ranging from 1-5 year terms

– Fixed monthly payments giving you more control over cash flow

– You can pay off your loan at any time, without fees or penalties

– Improve your business credit rating with a good repayment history

– No time wasting with visits to your business

– No costly appraisals or insurance

– Funds deposited in your bank account within as little as two days

Loans are available for nearly every type of business, such as retailers, contractors, agencies, professional & personal services, wholesalers, manufacturers, restaurants and more.

Loans may be used for easing cashflow, staff salaries, buying inventory, working capital, purchasing equipment, expanding a business, refinancing, renovations, research and development and many more elements of business development.

For business start up loans, small business loans, unsecured business loans, commercial business loans and any advice required on how to get a business loan from a lender, contact us today and our team will provide you with the most suitable solution.