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The Property Market is Unpredictable – Here’s What You Can Do

Demand for homes is overwhelming supply which is causing house prices to rise significantly.

Existing homeowners have positive attitudes towards selling houses rather than buying as they feel more confident that now is a good time to sell. Before 2008, property had been a safe investment where sellers gained healthy returns. Now might be the time to sell your home if you’re thinking about relocating or retiring. 2016 has seen significant changes in the property sector making the private rented sector less predictable. There has been a fall in the number of rented properties whereas home ownership has increased.

As the property market is becoming increasingly unpredictable, many homeowners are using this moment in time as an opportunity to go through a speedy sale to make the most of their investments. Selling your property quickly will give you the freedom to start planning your new life without the uncertainties of when the house sale will be complete or how much you can spend on your new property.

Cash Buyers

Whether you’re facing financial difficulty and want to sell your house as soon as possible or are retiring and need a rapid sale to move into your dream home, it can often be difficult to sell your home at a respectable price in a limited time frame. There are a number of advantages to selling your property in record time with a cash buyer such as QuickMoveNow in a constantly changing market. It eradicates various fees so you don’t have to worry about paying estate agents, EPC’s or surveys. You are looking at an average saving of £4,000 putting you in a strong position to negotiate on your onward purchase.

I wanted a guaranteed quick sale due to the unpredictable market’ – Mark Pottern, 37

My wife and I found our dream home in Warwickshire but were let down by a potential buyer at the last minute. We were distraught and that the house we wanted would go off the market. The property market is so unpredictable and we have looked around so many different houses that have been sold before we’ve even had a chance to negotiate. Finding your dream home can be almost impossible if you’re looking for something in particular, so when we found the perfect house for us we couldn’t possibly let it slip through our hands. A speedy house sale enabled us to resolve a difficult situation and we were able to agree on a completion date to sell and move into our dream home swiftly without pressure.

A swift sale enabled us to clear our mortgage and downsize ready for retirement’ – Aggie

Suttunhoe, 61

We had spent a long time searching for a retirement property for us to settle down in and didn’t want the hassle of long timescales between buying and selling a house. We were able to sell our house quickly with QuickMoveNow.com and buy the perfect place for retiring. We wanted to clear our outstanding mortgage and be in control of when we wanted to sell our house. A fast sale was the perfect solution to enable us to move out efficiently instead of the long conventional way of selling. No Solicitor or Estate Agent fees meant that we saved a lot of money too.

I recently got a new job and needed to relocate urgently’ – Peter Simmonds, 28

I find that Estate Agents are less interested in guaranteeing a sale and the completion date is so unpredictable. I was able to relocate quickly by selling my house through a cash buyer and was able to start my new job in no time. I was very pleased to have an offer for my house in no time, as it can be such a long process simply waiting for offers as I have done previously with Estate Agents. With the flexibility to choose the completion dates without spending time waiting for buyers, I was more than happy to sell my property without any hassle. An offer was placed within 24 hours of the valuation!

Elliot Preece
Elliot Preece
Elliot is the Editor at ABCMoney. He manages a team that writes and contributes to many leading publications across a number of industries.

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