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Five basic skills of receptionist by Graham Shear

Currently, tourism is for many countries and regions, one of the main economic sectors and their business development engine.

So it is necessary to acquire specific skills that allow professionals to carry out their work in the most efficient way possible.

Not surprisingly, the receptionist figure is one of the most important in the hotel, since it is the first face that guests will see upon arrival.

At that time, the professional represents the brand’s image, and their work and know-how will depend on whether clients get a good or bad first impression.

Functions and qualities of a good receptionist:

The hotel receptionist is entrusted with different functions closely related to customer service. He is in charge of receiving guests and checking-in, managing everything related to reservations and cancellations, providing information about the hotel and even tourist information.

But the point of view of Graham Shear is different for the receptionist. The functions also extend to solving problems that customers may have and that are related to their accommodation and the monitoring of access to the establishment.

Hence, it is necessary to be a person with a good gift of people, vocation for service, good communication skills, and excellent work time management skills.

5 Basic Skills to Be a Receptionist

Let’s take a closer look at the receptionist’s qualities and professional skills to understand this professional profile better.

1-Communication skills:

For their work, whoever is at the reception of a hotel must communicate personally, phone, and even through email with different people.

That is why there is a need to be a good communicator and to handle different languages. But communicating does not just mean talking.

A good receptionist must also listen to their clients to give them the best possible service.

2-Administrative skills:

The receptionist work is also an administrative job, so the receptionist must have basic knowledge about office automation, managing an office, and managing the specific programs used by the hotel.

3-Organization skills:

This professional profile has a lot of freedom when it comes to managing their work time, so the worker must be able to organize the different tasks they have to attend so that everything is ready on time.

4-Social skills:

Some customers have a satisfactory experience, but some want to complain, even very demanding guests.

The receptionist must deal with them in a good way, so he must know how to treat each type of person and react to different situations, always putting his professionalism first and not taking things personally.

5-Resolutive ability:

If a client wants to know what to visit, which is the best restaurant to eat, needs more towels, or wants to buy something specific in an establishment and cannot find it, they will always check with the receptionist.

So this professional is also required to be proactive and a bit multi-tasking to act in all kinds of situations.

As per Graham Shear suggestion, it is an ideal job for people who like to be in front of the public and looking for a job in which there is never time to be bored. If you are looking to hire skilled receptionists for your hotel, consider partnering with a reputable hospitality recruitment agency to find the best candidates for your team, added hospitality recruitment London.

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