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    CCTV Vs. Manned Security: Which Is More Beneficial

    Are you looking for the best security solution for your home or business? Choosing the perfect security solution is now more daunting than a few years ago. When making this crucial business decision, you will be torn between using staffed security or CCTV. Recent technological advancements have made it possible for remote monitoring. But before you make a decision, it will help weigh both options to make the best decision. Here are the pros and cons of CCTV and manned security.

    Pros and Cons of CCTV

    Let’s start by discussing the benefits of CCTV below:

    Why CCTV is the Go-to Option for Many

    CCCTV is the go-to option for many homeowners and business owners for various reasons. It is affordable, but it can also deter crime by scaring away robbers and bulgers. Keep reasons to discover the top benefits of CCTV:

    Saves You Money

    One of the reasons why CCTVs have become popular is that they are cheap. Although the initial costs might scare you, the reality is that you will save much more when you use CCTV instead of security guards. For starters, you will not have to pay wages when you install CCTVs. This is especially important, considering that you will be getting 24/7 surveillance.

    Deters Crime

    Secondly, CCTV cameras can intimate crimes and deter crime. Criminals can easily get away from security guards. On the other hand, your CCTVs will capture their picture, which can be used to arrest them later. What is more, most security cameras are fitted with alarm systems to notify emergency services that a crime is taking place.

    They are Convenient

    Using CCTV cameras to monitor your premises is the right approach since it brings convenience. CCTVs can monitor all your premises simultaneously, unlike security guards.

    Highly Responsive

    Although most people think that on-site guards are more responsive than CCTVs, the truth is that security cameras detect crime immediately it is committed and alert the emergency services. They also capture vital evidence that will be used to apprehend the criminals.

    Merits of Manned Security

    Now, let us look at the pros and cons of manned security.


    Skilled to Respond to a Variety of Issues

    A manned security guard provides more security to a business or a home since they can deter unauthorized people from accessing your property. Also, a manned security guard can respond to unusual noises, fires, and water damage.

    Reassures Guests

    A manned security guard will always help your guests find their way around and make them feel welcome. In addition, the manned security guard will also be prompt to handle criminal activities that may be going on.

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    Provides Peace of Mind

    Hiring a manned security guard will always assure you that your business or home is protected. The ideal manned security guard is highly skilled in handling any security breaches.

    Cons of Hiring a Manned Security Guard

    Lack of Evidence

    Security guards mostly do not have evidence as compared to CCTV. What is more, they can forget what happened or choose to lie. CCTV cameras will always capture vital evidence that can be used to apprehend criminals.

    Guard Sometimes Work with the Criminals

    You may sometimes hire a manned security guard expecting effective and efficient security. However, this is not always the case. Your security guard may work with the criminals to steal from you.

    CCTC VS Manned Security, Which is Better?

    Both manned guarding London and CCTV security are the best option for your London business. You will save your money and have the peace of mind you deserve when protecting your property with CCTV. However, it is wise to combine both security solutions to enjoy the benefits. Get in touch with the best security companies Essex to enjoy these benefits.

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