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The unappealing factors of tired eyes

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They’re often the most memorable feature you’ll notice when you meet someone. When your eyes are bright and sparkly, you can draw others toward you like a magnet. The last thing you want is to see your eyes to look old and tired. The next time you are standing in front of your mirror, pay attention. The earliest stages of aging may be staring back at you.

Why Do My Eyes Look Like They’re Aging?

You may be in great shape, eating the right foods and getting plenty of exercise. That’s why it can really knock the wind out of you if you are beginning to notice aging eyes. There are many factors that can lead to eyes that are aging faster than the rest of your body. Pin it on a combination of the environment, your lifestyle, and lack of sleep.

Part of Your Problem Could be You’re Working Your Eyes Too Hard

According to WebMD, your eye fatigue could be traced to physical factors. If your eyes are feeling dry, itchy, and burning all the time, you could be putting too much strain on your eyes. When you are rubbing your eyes or squinting, your eyes won’t look their best. These problems could be traced to staring at the computer for hours on end for your job, staying up too late, or spending too much time in dry, hot weather. If you’re straining your eyes, you have a few options. You can try blue light glasses that relieve eye strain when you have to sit instead of a computer screen for long hours. Build in periodic breaks that allow you to walk away from the screen. If your eyes are dry, try over-the-counter drops that provide you plenty of lubrication. Get enough sleep to make your eyes look vibrant again.

Your Allergies Could be to Blame

If you have seasonal allergies, you know how frustrating it can be. It can make your eyes red and watery. According to Very Well Health, your dark circles under your eyes could also be pinned on your allergies. They make you look like you have two shiners. This can all be traced to nasal congestion. As the pressure builds in your sinuses, blood can begin to collect beneath your eyes. Dark shadows result. You may also see puffiness from a build up of fluid. If your over-the-counter medications and home remedies don’t help, it may be time to see your doctor.

You May Need to Drink More Water

You should be getting at least 64 ounces of water a day. If you drink more than that, even better. Dehydration can affect the skin around your eyes, making it droop. Your body will feel more exhausted as well. Try getting more H2O into your body and see what happens. You may be surprised by more than just perkier eyes. You could have more pep in your step.

It Could be in Your Bones

You’ve heard people talking about how bone structure relates to their appearance. According to Self, it can also play a role on the appearance of hollows beneath your eyes. You may have a groove beneath your eyes that is more pronounced or your eye sockets may sink into your face in a more noticeable way. A plastic surgeon may be able to help you to add more fullness beneath your eyes with cheek implants or dermal fillers.

Watch Your Salt Intake

Salt may taste good, but it makes your body retain fluid. One of the most noticeable areas that become puffy is beneath your eyes. You can minimize this problem by having less salt in your diet. Drink plenty of water. If you still notice the problem when you wake up in the morning, try topical creams that contain caffeine to make your skin look smoother and tighter beneath your eyes.

Lower Collagen Levels Can Lead to Droopy Skin

If you are noticing sagging skin around your eyes, more wrinkles, and droopy eyelids, a lack of collagen could be the problem. Collagen is a natural protein produced by your body. It makes your skin look firm. It also gives it more elasticity. Once you hit the magical age of 30, your collagen levels will begin to drop.

Try Some Lifestyle Changes

Your lifestyle could be part of the problem when you see aging, tired eyes staring back at you from the mirror. Too much sun exposure can be a problem with wrinkles around your eyes. You’ve seen what too much tanning can do to people who have worshipped the sun in their younger years. They look old before their time. You can wear sunblock on your face to avoid further damage. Use moisturizers to give your skin more elasticity and firmness. If you are a smoker, stop. This can actually reduce facial wrinkles. Try reducing your caffeine intake. Caffeine dehydrates you, leading to sagging skin. You can also try eating more fresh produce, boosting vitamin C levels, and adding foods to your diet with omega-3 fatty acids. Nourishing your body can also result in healthier, more youthful skin.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Tired Eyes

Regardless of why you have eyes that look like they are aging or tired, you don’t have to accept them the way they are. Pay attention to your habits. Make healthy choices. What you put into your body does make a difference. Getting enough sleep, avoiding damage from UV rays, and keeping your skin nourished may help. Explore other options to revitalize the skin around your eyes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of remedies at home, including a cool compress, dampened tea bags that are cold or cucumbers slices. Place them over over your eyes for ten minutes to see if they freshen up your eyes. You have many resources that can point you in the right direction.

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Sam Allcock
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