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Guide to Counter Strike : Global Offensive

Developed for over a couple of years, Counter Strike : Global Offensive is one of the most popular first person perspective shooting games in the world. Global offensive was released in August 12, for the Windows, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and for Linux in 2014. CG: GO is the fourth and latest game in the counter strike series which was first released back in 1998. In today’s world the game has millions of professionals competing against each other on the eSports platform.

Each and every year, a certain number of professional gamers around the world take part in various CS: GO championships. The gamers play characters that are either terrorists or counter-terrorists in order to complete the given objectives by eliminating the opposition squads. Players are awarded in-game money based on their performances for buying weapons. Executing a mission by killing an opponent, planting a bomb or diffusing one earns you money to fill in the economy (in-game monetary amount).

Talking about money, CS: GO has one of the best markets in first person shooting games in eSports events. Since its release, more than 60million dollars have been awarded to different teams across the world in 3858 tournaments. These tournaments are held on different platforms and involve a considerable amount of prize pool.

How to watch and what to expect?

Counter strike: GO is one of those games that consume a considerable amount of time in order to finish a single match. No, its surely not as long as a baseball or a football game but an average match of CS:GO can take as long as 45 minutes to complete. The tournaments take about few days to finally come to an end with its honorable winner. As the match progresses, players with get more equipped and things are bound to get more interesting with time. There’s always a casting team which will inform you everything going on in the game. CS is known to have some of the best casters in esports lately.

Know the rules?

 In order to understand a new sport, its very important to know the rules involved in the game. Counter strike is no different. However, the game is just as simple as it sounds. Basically there are up to 30 rounds in a single game, the first squad to win 16 emerges victorious. When in a tournament, there are teams who are required to win best of three out of five or two out of three.  The game is played between two teams having five players each competing each other to claim victory. Out the two teams, one plays as a group of terrorists and the other plays counter-terrorists. The former win if they’re able to eliminate the counter terrorist group or plants a bomb and get it to detonate. On the other hand, the opposition claims victory by diffusing the bomb or by eliminating the terrorist side before the bomb is planted. Even though its sounds all simple, the game is hugely based on the strategies which will impact the preceding round as well. The players are allowed to purchase weapons or equipment at the very beginning of the round. Managing the economy is the key to success in counter strike. After 15 rounds, the teams switch sides and their economy gets a reset. The game tends to get intimidating with every progressing round until the other teams is knocked up.

When to watch these tournaments?

A lot of people have questions about when and how to watch these championship. Well, Counter Strike has a little similarity with golf. In Counter strike there are seasons i.e. a collection of tournaments  where all teams involved fight to earn points in order to qualify for the championship. Viewers can find the match schedule on different websites which informs about the matches held every week over a long period of time.

What’s the prize money involved in the game?

In 2020, counter strike was found to be the online game with the highest cumulative prize pool with an estimated amount of 15. 85 million dollars. Top CS gamers across the globe get paid over a million after each championships.

Global Offensive esports scenes consists of various leagues and tournaments across the world. Among them the majors sponsored by Valve are considered to be the most prestigious, having the largest prize amount of them all. Being initially announced as 250,000 U.S. dollars, the prize pool bas risen up to a million now. Astralis are considered to the most successful team of all time, the legendary core of that squad has won four majors together till date. The major championships are known to be one of the biggest tournaments in esports. In order to find out the CSGO bidding odds only visit the reliable websites.  Counter strike has been able to bring in massive numbers of supporters each year. This year’s expected to be nothing different.  The PGM majors Stockholm 2021 kick starts on 23rd October with a total of 24 teams and will be the 16th major championships hosted on Counter strike global offensive.

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