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Most expensive DVLA personalised number plates sold at auction

National Numbers, one of the leading number plate dealers in the UK, takes a look at some of the most expensive and funny car number plates which was sold at the recent DVLA auction.

  • DEV 1L – £240,010

DEV 1L is the perfect private number plate if you’re wanting to spell “Devil”, which is probably the reason for its enormous hammer price. In actuality, we didn’t anticipate the DVLA to release this one because they typically turn down any contentious registrations. We also didn’t expect it to sell for quite that much money, amounting to a jaw-dropping £240,010.

  • 456 JR – £37,010

Ideal if your initials are JR. Though not as exotic as DEV 1L, it still managed to command a highly respectable price at auction.

More than most people’s annual wage, the buyer of 456 JR plate was absolutely not being beaten on this one!

  • BTC 80Y – £35,010

This is a more well-known hash in the world of cryptocurrency, although it isn’t exactly what you’d expect. That’s because BTC stands for Bitcoin, the world’s most widely accepted cryptocurrency token and by far the most popular. Somebody had to be really into crypto if they paid £35k for this plate.

  • 115 LAM – £32,020

The letter “I” isn’t legal on UK registrations expect for Irish number plates. Plates with the number “1” are extremely popular for those trying to spell a word with an “I” in it. This is the case for the buyer of this plate, as it almost perfectly spells out the word “Islam”.

We can only suppose this buyer has a Muslim background, it’s also possible it’s just the buyer’s name, given that there are approximately 12 million individuals with “Islam” as a surname and just over 825 thousand people with “Islam” as a forename.

  • 841 G – £30,000

This was going to be an expensive registration from the start since it only contains one letter. It’s possible that this is why it fetched such a large hammer price, and we have to admit, it’s a fantastic plate.

  • RU22 ELL – £27,610

The Russell plate was one of the most costly plates at this year’s number plate auction. Given that it is exactly the right spelling for Russell, which is almost certainly the buyer’s first or last name, it isn’t particularly shocking.

  • 11 SSP – £25,010

Is it a fan of statutory sick pay? Or perhaps a name or initials? The buyer of this plate paid an incredible £25,010 for it, any way you look at it.

  • 414 M – £24,210

If you didn’t notice it yet 414 M is spelled as “Alam”, which is a fairly common Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Malay masculine name.

The word Alam has varied meanings across cultures, including “world” and “universe,” as well as “knowledge” and “field of interest.” Given the price they paid for this private number plate, however, the meaning behind its buyer may be something like “irrevocably loaded.”

  • 1 THM – £22,610

Plates with 1 on it are always expensive, especially when the 1 is on its own on the reg. The buyer of 1 THM chose to acquire this for roughly 22 grand.

The most costly vehicle number plate in the world is literally “1” and is located in the United Arab Emirates. It was acquired by Abu Dhabi businessperson Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri in 2008 for £7.25 million.

  • 4 XRP – £22,010

Another cryptocurrency token, XRP is located in the Ripple network. When it comes to license plates, XRP is a direct rival to Bitcoin with a cheaper price tag (apparently). If you’re searching for a unique number plate for yourself, go to the National Numbers website and choose from over 61 million personalised number plates with 0% interest available across the board.

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