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Top 6 Online Business Ideas to Consider In Europe

Nowadays, there is an influx of people who want to make money online. Statistics show that the chances of success are higher in online businesses than in physical businesses. You can make more money online if you know the type of business that is most suitable for your location and you work at your craft.

A business like sports betting is one of today’s leading business ideas because of how profitable it is and the minimal or no investment required to set it up. There are a lot of sports betting enthusiasts registering and placing bets on different sports betting platforms, and you could take advantage of this.

In Hungary, websites like provide punters with clear and knowledgeable tips and predictions necessary to win their sports bets. As professional tipster Aladar Kollar brilliantly puts it, ”Just as punters seek tips and predictions to win their bets, before starting a business online, you should do research so that you will obtain the best information needed to succeed in your online business. No business succeeds by wishful thinking – online or not. The onus is on the entrepreneur to put in place the right modalities, seek the right information, and develop the right strategies to give the business a fighting chance.”

Kollar continued by saying, ”In Europe, there are hundreds of online business ideas 2022 that any serious entrepreneur can pursue to make a great living. However, I will recommend sports betting because it requires little to no capital, a strong determination, and the desire to love a particular sport or a group of sports to make good money.”

Best Online Business Ideas to Consider in Europe

While there are a lot of online business ideas to consider in Europe today, here are the ones we consider to be the best right now:

  • Sports Betting

Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry that has grown in its value because of the amount generated in this sector. It is currently one of the best online business ideas in Hungary and other parts of Europe.

For those who don’t understand how sports betting works, it is the process of creating a platform where punters bet on sports such as basketball, baseball, horse racing, football, and other sports. The owners of a sports betting company can make money by taking out a specific commission whenever a punter loses a bet.

Sports betting is also a business for punters as some of them have made huge amounts of money placing successful bets on different platforms. One must remember that it requires a lot of research, study, and strategic predictions to win when betting on any sport. 

  • SEO Consultancy

There are so many small businesses on the internet nowadays. These small businesses need organic visibility, except for advertisements to sell their products; that is where SEO comes in. SEO means search engine optimization, and it is the process of optimizing a website such as a sports betting website to increase its visibility organically when a user searches for content related to sports betting.

If you are good at SEO, you should offer this service online as many people need it. It is one of the online business ideas expected to grow by a very high margin in 2022 because of businesses’ need for organic traffic. 

  • Blogging

Blogging has been around for some time, but only a few people consider this a business that can generate money. Blogging is a way of publishing articles on various topics that attract people to your website, engaging, commenting, and sharing your posts on various platforms. Many people are usually confused about making money through this business. Still, it is simple; once you have gotten significant traffic coming to your site, you can start attaching affiliate links to your blog as well as ads and paid surveys. A blogger who is a sports betting enthusiast can create content such as sports predictions that will attract bettors to the site and start making money from them through affiliate links leading to betting platforms. 

  • E-Commerce Stores

The 2020 lockdown led to a breakthrough in the e-commerce sector. The very innovative Amazon made a lot of sales at that time, and since that time, many people now prefer to buy whatever they need from online stores. You may not need to sell electronics, clothes, or gadgets to make a lot of money in your ecommerce store. You can sell simple things such as books, used homewares, and services on an e-commerce store. So basically, establishing an e-commerce store is necessary once you know you have something that can satisfy the needs of consumers.

  • Chatbot Business Model

Many businesses are being established every day online, and these businesses need what will help them interact with their customers to know their complaints and recommendations. A chatbot solves this problem, and a business operating online needs it. If you have the skill of a software developer, you can create a chatbot software that will help businesses online connect with their customers with a physical attendant that will attend to them. Once you can create excellent chatbots, companies can pay a lot of money to buy them from you. 

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  • Ads And Business Management

You can establish a business online that helps people generate a high conversion through paid traffic. A company employs other agencies and businesses that can help them retarget traffic. If you have a programming skill for this, you can help them build sales funnels and interlace them with the advertisements you run. Creating a business that helps manage a sector of another company, such as social media platforms, is another way of making money online. You can even get a business management Masters online and get the opportunity to manage bigger sectors of a business. 


Establishing an online business is now one of the easiest and fastest ways of making money. The ideas listed above are some of the best options to consider to establish an online business in Europe right now.

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