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Tips for getting your garden ready for the summer months

The summer months are getting nearer and from a blink of an eye, they will suddenly be here. For this reason, starting to think about getting your garden ready for the summer months is important to do now, then leaving it until the last minute.

When preparing your garden, there are many things you can do depending on the budget. From getting new plants, to jet washing your paving and potentially getting ready to have something new installed like decking, below are four tips for getting your garden ready for the summer months. 

Jet wash your paving 

Do you have a paved patio or any sort of paving within your back garden? During the winter months, this can take a battering, causing it to discolour and for mould to grow on it. This can make your garden look unappealing and stop you from wanting to spend time out there. Instead of letting it continue to discolour, you should use a pressure washer to go over it. A pressure washer will remove all the dirt quickly and efficiently, it will save you a lot of time and will have your paving looking good as new. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can always use a tool rental service to borrow it for a couple of days. 

Start to plan your plants 

Plants add colour to your garden, make it more appealing and are not too expensive. You can visit your local garden centre to have a look at what plants they have available and use a Pinterest board to plan out a colour scheme. Planting the plants themselves is very good for your own wellbeing, helping with mental health, getting you active and can boost your productivity. Remember to regularly water your new plants and to look after them as when plants die, they can look very unappealing. If you don’t have the time to look after them, you could always look at getting a gardener in to do it for you. 

Plan for getting something new installed 

If you think you might want to get something new installed, now is the time to start planning on what you would like. It could be that you fancy some new decking, or you want someone to come in and landscape your garden for you. The sooner you start planning this, the quicker you can get someone in and the more time you can save for the costs that you may incur. If you fancy taking on your own project, you could give it a go yourself. Why not go for a mini digger hire and create new bedding for your garden, or put the decking together yourself. It could be a fun project for you and your family to do together. 

Repaint your fences 

Just like your paving, your fences can also take a lot of damage during the winter months. This can make your fences look old and need replacing. Instead of replacing them, in most instances, a new lick of paint can make a huge difference. You could even go for a different colour to make a difference this year and also paint your shed at the same time. Paint isn’t expensive and you can do it yourself to bring some of the costs down. 

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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