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Saving Money by Protecting Your Business IT Equipment Ahead of Time

Operating any kind of business today likely means investing in some form of IT equipment. For most businesses, this will mean desktop and/or laptop computers. For others, it might mean investing in tablets and smartphones. Whatever kind of business you run, it is highly unlikely that you can perform to the best of your ability without suitable IT equipment.

With that being the case, it is essential that hardware is protected. Sure, contents insurance for your business can help ensure you can replace broken equipment. But broken equipment still means someone in your team works without the hardware they need to finish the job – at least until a replacement arrives. So, is it not better to invest in preventative protection beforehand?

Wastage and breakage in a business can amount to quite a lot of money over a year. Given the cost of IT equipment, too, replacing broken screens and devices is not cost-effective. Nor is it having to get the new hardware set up to the style and specification needed.

Investing in some simple but effective protective equipment could ensure you are far less likely to suffer the consequences of broken screens etc.

Carry cases and screen protectors are a small cost with a high return on investment

The most common issue for a device will be a broken screen. A dropped device is likely to lead to a smashed screen or at least a chipped interface. That can lead to everything from reduced visibility to the real risk of users cutting or hurting themselves on the sharded glass.

That is why an anti-shock screen protector is a wise investment. This makes it far less likely that you are going to see any kind of meaningful damage done should the device be dropped. High-quality impact screen protectors can be a useful way to ensure that devices are kept in full working order even in the event of being dropped.

In the past, it was flimsy interior hardware that would become a risk when dropped. Now, it is the brittle screens. A small cost investment in some screen protectors, though, can make sure that staff is not contributing to a high shrinkage bill come the year-end.

Another wise investment would be carrying cases for tablets, smartphones, and laptops. These do not cost much compared to the costs of lost time, minimized productivity, and shrinkage. Carrying cases help to keep devices protected from the weather, from being dropped, and from being damaged during transit. Again, this is a simple but effective way to help keep repair costs down and ensure your staff is not left without the hardware they need daily.

Reducing shrinkage and keeping your staff in productive working conditions are very important. That is why you should not see investing in preventative measures as a sunk cost. When done correctly, this can ensure you are far less likely to see your devices in the repair shop or, worse, in the recycling bin. The more you can do to prevent damage in the first place, the less you need to pay for repairs and replacements.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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