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Marquee Hire for a Business – An Affordable Investment

As a business, hiring a marquee can be a great use of funds. Marquees are incredibly useful for a huge variety of business purposes. A top notch marquee can give any company event, stall or function a real air of classiness, style and professionalism, all while dealing with the perpetual British threat of rain.

We spoke to Gloucestershire Furniture Hire about just why a business should consider hiring a marquee as an investment and just what kind of events it could be used for.

Providing shelter to any event looks to your staff and customers that you care, that you’re a business that can be trusted and relied upon, and getting your marquee is a lot cheaper than you might think, and with the rain protection that it provides for your events or functions, it really pays for itself.

The benefits and uses to hiring a marquee are pretty straightforward and obvious, but there are a lot of them and they are very varied. If your company has any event, function or convention coming up, then maybe quality marquee hire could make your life much easier.

What Sort of Events?

A marquee can benefit almost any outdoor corporate event. From a formal outdoor gathering, to a casual barbeque, to industry events and conventions, a great quality marquee of varied sizes can prove invaluable.

The benefit to hiring a marquee is obvious. You’re insured against the inevitable rain. Any street vendor will tell you, rain can be a real money killer to business and custom, and any cherished youthful memories of festivals will always be marred by bad rain. You do not want a company event to be destroyed by the weather! Invest in a marquee.

On top of these obvious benefits and uses, let’s not forget that marquees can be incredibly stylish, classy and professional looking, and will always be appreciated by your staff and employees, for the foresight and care it demonstrates, as well as by potential customers and partners, for the intelligence, professionalism and sheer style it exudes. It makes you look like a company who cares, as well as one who plans ahead.

An Affordable Investment

The fact also remains that hiring a marquee may seem expensive. It can seem like an unnecessary extravagance that will only pay for itself in the event of rain. This is not true for multiple reasons. First off, marquee rental is substantially cheaper than you might at first think. Any marquee rental company worth their salt will have a wide range of useful, varied marquees available, and will be able to cater to a wide variety of sizes, scales and styles.

On top of this, marquees aren’t just useful in the rain! If you’re doing business of any kind, such as at a convention, people like privacy and the professionalism, and being inside a marquee is almost like being indoors! If you’re serving food, generally speaking, people do not like their food exposed to the elements. It can seem unhygienic. As well as this, rain isn’t the only threatening weather, any extreme weather can destroy an event, like wind, freak hail, etc., and the lost funds and opportunities from a ruined event can be devastating.

Imagine, you’ve spent hours and lots of company money sorting an outdoor event or function. Maybe a formal affair, with a buffet and music, or just a company barbeque. The foods great, there’s great music, and everything is going fantastic. You’re showing your employees, partners, friends or family a great time, and it’s proving a massive success of socialising or networking for the company. And then it starts to rain, and with no shelter everyone leaves. Wasted food, wasted event, wasted money. Not with a top quality marquee providing shelter from the storm for you, your guests and your entertainment or food. The party can go on, and you’ll find yourself thanking your own forethought in hiring that marquee!

In essence, top quality marquee rental demonstrates care, attention and forethought, all while acting as very effective insurance against the always unpredictable British weather.

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