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What makes a great Businessman?

Don’t be too stern, have time for leisure. Happiness and victory go hand in hand. In fact, (in the sense of motivation) they boost each and other up. Even for business reasons, socializing is imperative for somebody at the head of a company. Socializing is networking; by meeting new people you are basically building a business alliance, people who you can reach out to for assistance or vice versa. A hobby is a great idea, something particular that you appreciate and dedicate time to. Even your basic luxuries like television and gaming are forms of leisure, they can be improved, by buying the best T.V or going out to find the best gaming monitor or console. But what I am trying to say is, simply prioritize YOU time. A contented businessman is more likely to be a successful businessman.


Maintain your health. Stay hydrated throughout the day, it is very important. Hydration is a huge contributor to a stimulated mind, as is a balanced diet and regular exercise. Being healthy is vital in life anyway but when you are working a busy schedule and dealing with multiple things at one time it is critical that you put your body first. Health is key in the workplace. You mustn’t overwork yourself and you must get a reasonable amount of hours sleep a night so that you do not lose motivation.


When you are at the top of a company, it becomes your responsibility to stay up to date on technology, especially if it is specific to your field of work. In this day and age technology pretty much runs the world. The concept of “going paperless” is completely removing all paper documents, keeping it all in one software. HR Systems are a good example of this. It keeps all employee records and data in one place, easily accessible and very safe and secure. Make sure you are always on top of updates, software’s and devices, which could improve your business.


Because you are the brains behind everything, it is important that you broaden your horizons. Become a more calm and content person and modify your perception. Internal and mental peace is what lifts your willpower to a level, which enables you to have control and patience, and with that will naturally come respect. A great way to find peace is to travel, whether that is somewhere inside or outside of Europe- that is down to you. But when travelling inside of the EU remember to carry your European health insurance card (Only if you live within the European Economic Area). If you do not have one of these, apply here. That doesn’t mean, go abroad and come back a laid back, pushover of a boss! It means create a mindset for yourself that pushes your behaviour to be professional. Shouting at your employees creates tension, negativity and triggers a lack of respect.


In order to be great businessmen, you need to have initiative and imagination. Every slight decision you make, affects your company, inevitably. Think to yourself on a weekly basis; “why am I doing this?” “What do I want to achieve?” regularly remind yourself of your aims and draw up objectives, plans and consider your visions. Make your vision your biggest motivator; try a new method within the company, change the systems, be brave and be confident because you are uniqueness behind the enterprise, do what it takes to reach your success.

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