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Most Profitable Finance Industry Jobs

A recent study conducted by LinkedIn ranked finance among top five highest paying industries in the world. With over 80K dollars as the median annual wage (including bonuses), it has every reason to be lucrative and enticing. Moreover, it has a promising future ahead, as the Bureau of Labour Statistics has estimated that finance related jobs are expected to grow by 19 percent between 2016 and 2016—faster than the average of many other occupations.

The high profitability in finance industry comes with a cut-throat competition; and one really has to put strenuous and dedicated efforts to climb up to the top of the career ladder. However, effort alone cannot promise you a successful career ahead. The right career choice and the pertinent platform to make something out of that career are equally important decisions to be made. If you never heard about Jooble yet, give it a try. It is a great platform to find jobs, and there are plenty of Finance industry jobs on Jooble.

If you have a knack for a particular field in finance industry, it should be your top priority nonetheless the financial gain at the start. A number of studies have confirmed that people are more likely to get successful if they turn their passion into profession. And yet, if money is your only inspiration, you should choose one of the following occupations to make it happen.

1.    Investment Banker

It is beyond doubt that investment banking is one of the top rewarding jobs in terms of financial gains, but that only fact also makes it more demanding and extremely daunting career choice. Having an inherent talent to be good at making decision is one thing, making them in a challenging and almost gruelling situation is a different thing altogether. It demands working long hours and being consistently productive with your time, but at the top of it, one needs to be tenacious in his approach to become a top-notch investment banker. A part of the job is to raise funds for your clients by purchasing and selling shares frequently in a way that the overall profit surpass the money lost. Also, the investment bankers has to advise clients on emerging opportunities and effective strategies to tap their full potential.

2.    Equity or financial Analyst:

Equity or Financial Analyst’s are sometimes treated as different professionals, but their job is essentially the same: to make a thorough analysis of an equity’s worth. They both usually rely on quantitative analysis as a mean to the end, but the qualitative analysis of the financial data is not entirely overlooked in the process. A good example in this case is to go through the financial data of a company, peruse its public record, and follow recent news that have direct bearing on it. It is by the virtue of these elements, a potent financial analyst comes to a decision that actually make money for his employer, and of course for himself in the end.

Financial and brokerage firms hire these experts to analyse the potential worth of a company’s stocks, and then act on their educated guess about the prospects of these stocks. A successful financial analyst has to be sharp with his senses, good with numbers, and a thorough researcher to the core.

3.    Internal auditor

While most of you are familiar with the job of an accountant, which is a good money-making job in its own right, the auditor has a somewhat similar job to do but a special situation warrant their need.

The internal auditors are hired to perform a rigorous evaluation of a company’s accounts and to finalise report on any discrepancy if found. Companies usually hire them in special situation of suspected fraud, but their role is not limited to that. It is evident that their foremost job is to do analysis operations, but they also have to check reviews compliance, recommend controls, and assure safeguard for the firms.

4.    Managing Director:

Being the most senior role in any company, the Managing Director (MD) involves sharing the ultimate responsibility, along with other stakeholders, for the performance of a company. The job requires someone to implement the company’s policy, and make any changes to it—if needed. Furthermore, it also includes navigating company’s direction to successful trajectory, and to take effective steps to counter any misadventure. One powerful essential element of this job is good communication, as one has to convene a Board of Directors meeting every once in a while; plus, to break deadlock among stake holders on important decisions.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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