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Understanding the Roulette wheel: Secrets Revealed

The roulette wheel might seem like an unpredictable casino game until you realize how it really works. The logic and design of the roulette wheel are mainly to distract players from seeing through the game and making a proper strategy. You might be thinking the game’s result is totally random and that all you’ll need is luck to win. However, I bet you will change your mind after going through this. First, let’s discuss the two popular layouts of the roulette wheel that we have and then some of the secrets behind this popular table game that you will find at every casino, including mansion, among others. Many people always seem to lose focus at the table and then forget the main deal of the game ‘’the wheel”. Once you understand the layouts and the defects of the wheel, you can come up with whatever strategy suits you to win because there will always be defects with either the wheel, table, dealer, or even the house.

The European and American Roulette

  • European Roulette Wheel

This is the most famous layout for the
roulette wheel having 37 pockets, numbers ranging from 1 to 10, 19 to 28 with
just a single green pocket 0. This roulette layout drastically reduces the
casino house edge. The European roulette wheel follows a clockwise sequence of
name Devils wheel was given to the game has the sum of the sequence is the
beast number ‘’666’’ and yeah, that’s kind of creepy

  • American Roulette wheel

This layout possesses two green pockets 00 making
the total number of pockets 38 unlike the European layout thereby giving the
casino a house edge of 5.26%. This double-zero wheel follows a clockwise
sequence of

The Wheel layout

Looking at the
way the two types of wheels were designed. It is observant that the numeric on
the wheel is not the same with what their arithmetic value would propose.
Theoretically, the roulette wheel is a balanced game. The wheel was designed
for different purposes, but its main purpose is to confuse the players. Newbies
tend to find it difficult to understand the wheel when observing it because of
his/her lack of knowledge about its layout. You’ll also need to know about the
parts of the wheel for easy identification as a newbie in the game because some
of these parts hold tremendous secrets. Let’s shed some light on two of those

  • Diamond

Diamonds are
metal disruptors that are situated at numerous parts of the wheel, which
deflect the ball. The secret here is that there will always be some particular
diamonds that the ball hits more frequently, those diamonds are called Dominant
Diamonds. This leads to the ball dropping off at a specific point somewhere
around the wheel. Professional players make use of these dominant diamonds to
predict which pocket the ball is going to drop.

  • Ball Track

This is more of
a racetrack but just think of the cars to be balls and only one is running on
this track.  It is made of wood, which is
coated with epoxy plastic. We all know that objects will always have its
defect, the same goes for the ball track too which is subjected to wear and
tear. So this can also change the result of a random game into a strategize

House Edge

Knowing the house edge also called the house advantage (the amount the player loses at each consecutive bet). This gives the players the upper hand when staking at the roulette table. However, many people fail to see through this. Sometimes because players don’t care or sometimes because the player believes, the game is dependent on luck, which is not true.

In the American roulette, the probability
of winning with a single number is 1/38. This indicates that the players win is
doubled 35times, which cannot be seen easily. There is a 37/38 chance that a player
will lose the bet (the players will certainly lose in 32 games). This means
that the casino has about 5.26% edge over the players but you can turn that
around when you understand what really gives them this house edge.

The existence of the green squares is
technically the house edge in the game when players make outside bets he/she is
certain to lose when the roulette spin ends on a single or double zero and the
casino has a house edge not just on the outside bets but also the inside bets.
In inside bets, the players’ probability of winning is like 1 out of 38 or 37
with the payout been 36 to 1 (the win is doubled 36times) and players are
mostly deceived by the payout because surely the casino won’t disclose their
house edge to you before you play.

Let’s look at an illustration, if a player
makes a $10 bet on red which has like 50 to 50 percent chance of winning, he’s
unlikely to lose all his money ($100) after only 10bets and its likely for him
to continue to wager until he finally loses everything or choose to vacate the
place. Another player can decide to wager his $10 bet on a number (which has
1/38 chance of winning), he’s likely to lose all his $100 after just 10 bets.
Next time you decide to hit a big win with the roulette wheel, learn more about
its house edge.

Taking advantage of manufacturing defects

The roulette may be made with accuracy but in the end, you’ll find out that it might not be that precise after all. Two brand new roulette wheels can be spun at once at the same speed and you’ll still end up with different outcomes.


By now you will have realized that winning at the roulette wheel is not all based all luck but also with how good you are at strategizing with the edges you have over the house to play a better game and win. If you can perfect your strategy, you could become a master of the roulette wheel and that is quite some reputation.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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