Philip Doleman Ideas for building an Eco-friendly Eco-pod


Whenever the climate goes on changing, it affects the world in different ratios. In the modern era, people are improving their lifestyle and bringing modification in their living spaces.

In this aspect, eco-pods are also playing their role. The Architect, Philip Doleman, has always made breathing, eco-friendly designs that fit every individual’s living style.

Whether you have owned an Eco-pod or planning to have one soon, here are a few ideas from Philip Doleman for building eco-friendly eco-pods.

  1. Use Reusable Materials

If it is your first attempt into the eco-pod living, then you might be planning for the design and layout of your perfect EcoPod. In that procedure, try to know about the materials to be used to construct your Eco-pod.

Perhaps that implies seeking a builder that is environmentally known, so diving for materials on your own is the best option. Try to build your eco-pod of reusable materials or sources.

However, if it can’t, searching out reused materials and sparing them the fortune of ending up in a depot landfill guarantees your eco-pod rouses on the right spot.

  • Use Renewable Energy

Apart from the reusable materials, consider how you are generating the necessary energy. Surely, you would not be using much energy in an eco-pod for heating and cooling than a traditional home.

Renewable sources such as solar panels are the trend nowadays that minimizes CO2 emissions from home. Based on the environment you live in, you can also formulate a wind turbine or employing local water reservoirs.

  • Work With the Environment

One advantage of eco-pods is that they suit quite everywhere. Building in a space with plenty of greenery doesn’t just wreck the trees. Rather, look for a space that needs little adjustments.

Indeed great, imagine how the already available plant life can aid you with your tasteful and luxury. Make sure that the trees will probably give natural shade from the afternoon sun.

One more idea is to grow your garden for embracing Mother Nature. Whether you plant a few herbs or an abundance of vegetables, managing your garden can spare you money and help the environment remain unharmed.

  • Bring in the Outdoors

For bringing nature inside, there are lots of ways considering to purchase environmentally conscious furniture for your eco-pod.

Moreover, for proper air filtering, bring about bringing plants inside. This one is advantageous as you are improving both your health and also preserving the environment.

Final Words:

So, the list mentioned above is full of applicable ideas by Philip Doleman for building an eco-friendly eco-pod. Whether you decided to install solar panels, start making use of reusable materials, or depend on the sun for light and warm your space, all these are entirely eco-friendly.

These are small ideas you can practice every day to experience a more active life. Living in eco-pods has confirmed positive environmental values. The great idea is that there are more steps to make eco-pods friendly to the environment, in the building process and ahead.


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